Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wyatt says...

...babies come out the belly button door.

I keep meaning to start a journal but I think I'll just start posting the silly things he says that make me laugh.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dirty Boys and Their Sisters

After church, we had a little cookout with the Mikulas'. Our kids love each other and it's always so much fun hanging out together. The kids jumped in the bounce house in the backyard, played in the sand, and got super dirty.
Kenley thought she was a big girl in the bounce house and giggled when the boys would bounce her a little.

Here's the group picture. Everyone is looking at Mackenzie's camera, the dog got his head in the picture, and Kenley is in her diaper only BUT we got the picture.
Avery (almost 1 year), Aidan (3), Wyatt (3), Taylor (6), and Kenley (7 months)

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Pretty Girl

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My Lil Dragon

Wyatt loves the new Disney show, Doc McStuffins, about a girl who pretends she's a doctor and fixes all her stuffed animals. Stuffy the Dragon is one of her toys and he is Wyatt's favorite. Wyatt has been asking me to tie a towel around his waist about 783 times a day and then gets very upset when it falls off. While blog stalking I saw that my friend, Mandy, had posted on her crafty blog Hello, My Name is Mandy tails that she had made her kiddos. I got all the stuff and made Wyatt his very own tail that won't fall off and he was so excited. He chose blue so that he could be like Stuffy. He ROOOARRS when he wears it, too.

We met my Mom and friend, Ashley, at IHOP after a doctor's appointment. Did you know IHOP made seating for Dragons?!

He was so excited to show EVERYONE and wouldn't stand still to get good pictures.

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Happy Birthday Grammy & Pap

May 20th is Chris's dad's birthday and my mom's birthday so this year we had a big pool party/cookout at Pap's. After swimming (my kids' favorite thing to do) and eating (their 2nd favorite thing to do) we headed up to the park for a little go kart riding. Fun! I'm not sure who has more fun, the kids or the adults.

I'm horrible about taking pictures when we are having fun, but I did manage to get a few and settled on what I got. No one wanted to stop playing to smile.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Sunshiney Day

We met our friends, Chancy and Cooper, at the pool to enjoy the beautiful weather. Yes, Wyatt is wearing underwear because his bathing suits are at my mom's and this was his second time in and I was letting his shorts dry. Cooper and Wyatt had so much fun in the pool.

Kenley enjoyed a nap in the sunshine.

Snack time and sharing a blanket and bubbles.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

7 Months {Kenley}

I didn't realize how bad the lighting was in Kenley's room until our little 7 month photo shoot was over... oops. I can't imagine why the whole picture looks pink. ;)

At 7 months Kenley is...
eating and sleeping the same as at six months... so well
giggling and smiling all the time
discovering her voice more and more and making new noises and her high pitched squeak is my favorite
still blowing bubbles at her brother and laughing
moving all over the place by scooting and rocking
really wanting to crawl and very close to it
able to sit up for quite a while and keep herself up much better but will still topple over at times
loving toys, especially anything that makes noise

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peyton Marie Bates

My sweet niece, Peyton, was born on May 11, 2012 and I love love love her. She is so cute! I can't wait to watch Wyatt, Kenley, and Peyton grow up so close to each other. They are going to have so much fun. We are so blessed.
The day she was born...

Look how tiny and check out her perfect bow-wearing hair... (it's a funny angle - her feet are not huge)

Just precious.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

6 Months {Kenley}

We finally made it to the doctor for Kenley's 6 month appointment.
At 6 months Kenley is...
16 lbs 10.7 oz
26 in
eating a fruit/veggie twice a day and cereal before bed
drinking about 6 bottles throughout the day
taking a 15-30 min nap in the morning and evening on-the-go or wherever we are
taking a 1-2 hour nap in her crib in the middle of the day
sleeping all night
sleeping in a sleep sack, baby-safe blanket
loving her Nuk-type binky (especially the ones with a handle for her to play with)
loving water (just like her big brother always has)
loving the outdoors
able to drink from a sippy
almost able to sit up and stay up on her own
getting up on her knees and rocking
rolling and scooting all over the place (she is a little gymnast in her crib)
able to copy us and stick her tongue out and make noises
very "talkative" (she will talk to anyone, her toys, Wyatt... she already loves to talk)
loving nail polish on her little toes ;)
all smiles when playing with Wyatt (he holds her down the slide and she giggles)

Kenley has been growing and learning so much that I could go on and on, but the one thing that EVERYONE says when they see her is that she is the happiest baby ever. She truly is. She is so easy-going. Always smiling and giggling. But I have noticed that she already has a bit of drama in her. If she cries, it will be over a silly thing. I've seen Wyatt bump into her hard and her laugh. Then I've seen him barely touch her and her break out into full out drama. Today after her shots, she was NOT happy. She screamed and cried for at least 10 minutes and had huge alligator tears. :( Wyatt would cry for 2 seconds and be done. It's interesting to see how they are alike and different. But one thing is for sure - they LOVE each other so much.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our family...

I absolutely love this canvas that Chris got me as an early Mother's Day present. I've been talking about it for months. We love what it says and put it where we would see it everyday. What a great reminder. You can also see my newest decor. :) I had been decorating the TV hutch with holiday stuff and trying to keep it cute. After Easter I wasn't sure what to do. Hobby Lobby saved the day. I made myself a cute bouquet and got a cute metal plaque with a "J" and look how cute it turned out. And all the things I got at HL were half off. Perfect! Chris even said that out of all the decorating I've done here and there that this is his favorite spot in the house.

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Dear Edwina

Saturday morning was opening day for Aunt Sarah's newest play, Dear Edwina. Wyatt loves to watch Aunt Sarah act! Kenley was really good throughout the show, too. Sarah has always been witty, confident, and very talented and she sure does shine on stage.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zoo Trip {Kenley's 1st}

Our friends, Cooper and Chancy, invited us to the zoo for Cooper's birthday. This was Kenley's first trip to the zoo. Wyatt went when he was 6 months old for the first time with Cooper, too! Most of my pictures are of the back of Wyatt's head but I simply love watching his get so excited, run up to the fence/window and look at all the animals (or whatever else he found that seems neat). His phrase of the day was "I have an idea!" and his idea was usually about how he could feed or touch the animal we were looking at. He wants to touch everything he sees. Always. Usually when we go to the zoo for half a day we just go to one side and today we went to the Wilds of Africa.

Penguins (yes, penguins that like warm weather)

Not as big as the Emperors, but bigger than the African penguins

Just like her big brother when he went to the zoo for the 1st time, her favorite thing was the trees

Had to play on all the statues

A very nice area for the giraffes, elephants, and other animals

Playing in a Jeep

Monorail ride

Mommy and Kenley on the monorail. Yes! She is always smiling!!!!

Getting ready to head home.

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Lego Store Mini Model Build

My mom had told me that the Lego store at the mall had a building night once a month. I finally got the schedule (1st Tuesday of the month at 5) and we went this past Tuesday. We got to the mall about an hour early and my mom and Wyatt waited in line (with a chocolate chip cookie, of course) while Kenley and I shopped until it was time. Wyatt was sooo excited! This month's mini model was a flower, but Wyatt had NO interest in building a flower BUT once he decided it was a rocket, he was all set.

After building Wyatt played with some other kiddos at the duplo play area. He love love loves to build (and destroy) anything.

It was a fun evening and I'm looking forward to next month's mini model.

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