Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring might be here?!

We got a playground set almost a year ago from a house my mom was selling. Many pieces need to be rebuilt. Chris and I finally got around to at least getting the main piece/sandbox fixed up and the kids love it! And just as I thought Spring was here (it was 80 degrees and sunny) it got cold and rainy.

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Wyatt has had tickets for this year's Elmo show almost a year in advance. Grammy got him them after he loved it so much last year. Of course, Elmo did not disappoint.

Kenley watched the show, too.

What could be better than a chocolate chip cookie and Elmo?!

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Uncle Garrett had a great basketball season and we sure loved going to watch him play. Every time Wyatt plays basketball at home now, he says he's practicing like Uncle Garrett.

Trying to steal the ball from Aunt Sarah
Come on Uncle Garrett, play with me

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