Monday, July 25, 2011

While Mommy taught Summer School...

Wyatt went to Grammy Day Camp a few days and to work with Daddy a few days a week. He had so much fun with Grammy and Daddy.

Grammy's garage was a nice cool(er) place to get some outside time and he spent most of his day out there. Grammy is officially obsessed with Cars cars. He has a growing set at her house and ours. (P.S. It's just too HOT for clothes this summer so ignore that Wyatt is usually wearing just a diaper unless we go out.)

They played baseball.

They ate freezey-pops and discovered Thomas the Train. I've avoided it for 2 and a half years because Thomas drives me nuts, but.... he now loves the trains and the tracks.

Grampy thought the mini-track above was boring so they headed to Toys R Us and came back with much much more (so much that some are waiting in the closet to be presents another day)!
I guess grandparents get to spoil their grandkids...

Wyatt loved sleeping in Grammy and Grampy's BIG bed. He also loves Grammy's lobster pillow pet. (He has a checkered flag bandana because he got a prize while shopping with me at the craft store. That's what he picked.)

Grammy and Wyatt worked on this hand me down table for weeks sanding it, staining it, re-sanding and re-staining until it was perfect. Now it's too perfect to be outside so it's the play table in our playroom. Thanks Grammy, we love it!

And he gets "pop" when it's movie time.

This is what going to work with Daddy looked like. Wyatt loved the "office" especially when he found Pap's (Chris's dad) snack drawer and little toys he has in his office.

And occasionally it looked like this....

I love this picture and think it's the cutest thing ever even if Wyatt is in time-out. It made me laugh when Chris texted it to me at work.

Elmo and Wyatt even got to go to a few lunch meetings with Daddy.

Wyatt sure did love his special mornings.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Visit to Alabama

I'm waaay behind in posting. Oops. Again. Back in May we went to Alabama to see Bunny, Big Daddy, Aunt Maddie, and Aunt Kenzie (I told you, waaaay behind). Chris's stepdad is in the Army and they were stationed in Alabama but got transferred to the East Coast so we headed out just before they moved to get in some good family time and that we sure did! Wyatt was so excited to see everyone and we enjoyed hanging out with the whole family. Mike's been gone for a long time serving our country and it sure was nice to have the whole family together!

I have to admit that Wyatt did much better than his pregnant momma on the trip. He didn't complain once. I, on the other hand, hate driving and did not enjoy the "scenery and experience" as Chris does. We left at night, but I finally got Chris to agree to stop about 2/3 of the way at a hole-in-the-wall motel so we could sleep in a bed. I didn't even care what it looked like, I was so glad there was a bed! We got a little sleep, got up, and finished out the trip. On a side note, we've never let Wyatt sleep in our bed unless at hotels or on trips and it cracks me up. He loves it, but he also thinks it's a big slumber party. He will giggle, stick his finger up your nose, giggle, put his face right up to yours, and giggle some more. I love it! So funny.

Our fancy motel. :)

When we pulled into the driveway, everyone was so excited to see each other and we got lots and lots of hugs in. Then we got all cleaned up and Sue cooked a great dinner for us and some of Mike's Army friends who all came over to see them before the move, too. Wyatt thinks it's super cool to have young aunts and they sure do love to hang out with him. We don't have to worry for a second because the girls don't take their eyes off of him. There were also some other kiddos that came over so Wyatt had a great time playing with everyone. He thought he was a big kid, too. (Aunt Maddie is in green and Aunt Kenzie is in purple.)

Chris played football with the little kids after dinner.

Bunny posing with Wyatt. She got him Mickey Mouse drinks and Wyatt loved them. We filled it a million times.

Before we left, we got a good picture of Big Daddy, Bunny, the girls, and Wyatt.

Chris has more pictures. We spent a lot of time just hanging out and visiting. Big Daddy did some fireworks one night for us. Each night, we sat on the driveway and watched bats (one of my favorite animals to watch) fly across between the trees and power lines. The girls LOVE animals and science and they told Wyatt all kinds of facts about animals while we sat outside. We went looking for lizards one day, but no luck. A few weeks after we left, they found a HUGE snake (Chris's biggest fear) in the garage. Luckily, we missed that adventure because Chris might have run around screaming like a little girl while the girls watched the whole thing carefully and with no fear.

Thank you for such a fun weekend. We look forward to coming to the new house in the future. We love you lots!