Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wyatt's BFF

Wyatt and Aidan go to the same daycare. When they were babies they were in different rooms, but in the morning they were together until there was enough kids to make 2 classes. They liked playing together so much that the teachers would let one of them go to the other room so they could play. When they moved up to the toddler room they were in the same class. Every day the teachers would tell me how much they love to play together. Every morning, Aidan waits for Wyatt to get there and laughs so hard when he sees his buddy. It is absolutely adorable. Aidan's mom is a teacher, too, so it works out perfect for playing in the summer. Today we went to their neighborhood pool and they had a blast. Aidan can even say Wyatt's name! Here they are sharing the snack Aidan brought for Wyatt. Too cute!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Boy: the good, the bad, and the always so-stinkin' cute...

Morgan and Ashley lived across the street from my sister and I when we were growing up. Our parents still live across the street from each other and we are all very close. Morgan and her husband, Marshall came in from Austin this week and I was so excited to let Kaleton and Wyatt play together. Kaleton had fun playing with all of Wyatt's toys and Wyatt was so sweet and kept bringing him toys to play with.

Chancy had a great idea of running the Fireworks 5K in McKinney on Sunday. I agreed and was glad because I'd get an extra workout in. We had fun, but I think from now on when we go running we are going to stop taking shortcuts. Our neighborhood has underpasses so that you don't have to cross the street. Normally, when we go jogging we just go across the street. Well, that's not how the race was planned and going down (yes, even down is hard with a big stroller pulling on you) and up the hills was tough. Here is Wyatt fueling up for the race. By the way, we have a double stroller because my old one broke and this is what was on Craigslist at the time and I needed one quickly. :)

Today, was a rainy day. So we had a playdate at Emily's house. Wyatt had a lot of fun playing with Emily and Cooper. It cracks me up to watch the difference between boys and girls. The girls would sit down and play with the Barbie's or push the strollers around so sweet. Then... there was demolition boy. Vrrrooooommmmm, running the stroller into poor Kate's oven, emptying the shopping cart of fake food all over the floor,and flipping all over the fun gym mats that Kate got out especially for my little monkey. He goes non-stop, but it's so fun to watch. We were glad we got to play with friends on a rainy day.

The kids loved the little house.

Playing dress up. Wyatt plays dress up at school and he loves beads. :) I guess it beats the heels and feather boa, right?!

Look how sweet the girls are reading books together in Emily's room. Where's Wyatt? He's chasing the dog (that he was told not to play with)... :)

Okay, so now the B-A-D (remember, the title of this blog). Wyatt will officially be a year and a half tomorrow. I want this blog to be something for him to look back at one day and I definitely wouldn't want him to think that we never had a crazy moment. So..... I'll start off with my mistakes as a Mommy first. 1. We didn't come home for a nap and I knew he doesn't sleep anywhere besides the car, his bed, or school. 2. I decided to take him out in public even though he hadn't taken a nap. That's it, that's ALL I did. ;) My mom had to go to Sam's so Wyatt and I decided to tag along. I was going to get a big box of diapers while she went to the eye place for her glasses. First, Wyatt threw a huge fit about sitting in the cart, which is not like him. He is my grocery shopping buddy. He was screaming so loud that I took him out and bent down to talk to him. He stopped the screaming and I decided that for the sanity of the other shoppers and our sake of not getting thrown out he would walk, but he had to hold my hand. We went to check on my mom and it was taking the girl forever to get her glasses done. By this time, Wyatt is a happy camper and everyone is saying how cute he is (I agree, but had they not heard him from across the store 5 minutes ago). Wyatt and I went to get a drink. We got 2 bottles of water for me and him and a coke icee for my mom. He and I sat so sweet together at a little table drinking our waters. UNTIL.... Wyatt decided he wanted the coke. I talked to him and told him that coke was for Grammy's and not little kids. He was not happy!!! He started screaming bloody murder, throwing himself on the floor, twisting his arm when I would try to tell him to stand up and walk with me. Oh my, it was a M-E-S-S. So, I calmly grab all the drinks (yes, all three) and my screaming, flailing child, and start walking to back to the eye place. Wyatt decides to throw himself back (a new trick of his, be careful if you are holding him) and when he does sit up he is smacking me in the face (totally unacceptable and not like him and definitely not how I've raised my sweet little boy the whole 18 months of raising that I've done). I was mortified and yes, people were starring at me like I'm a horrible Mommy. Ugh, awful! So, we get to my mom and tell her we will be outside and we do not want the diapers. She meets us and Wyatt has calmed down a bit. I decide to let him walk and here we go again... flailing child in the parking lot. So, of course, I pick him up and get him in the car seat. Screaming for 3 mintures and he is sound asleep. So, the teacher in me did some research tonight. I can handle a 12 year old, but I was at a loss for this whole tantrum throwing today! ;) Apparently a moment like this is "normal." But remember, I started this part of the blog out with MY mistakes as a Mommy, so I've done some reflecting and we will be working on this in the future. I'm ready to take on the tantrums. Hopefully, it will be a little while. But if you happen to see my sweet boy throwing a tantrum in the store please don't stare... we are working on it and I'm not a bad Mommy. I promise.