Monday, October 27, 2008

The Baby Bump!

Here you go, Sue (Chris's mom). This is just for you. :) I hate it... but since you asked for it... here it is. I am loving being pregnant, but I wouldn't say I love how many changes I get to see happening by the hour. The belly is fine, but who knew your face and feet get bigger, too.

I don't get to get on here very much, but I wanted to send a quick update. When I looked at the ticker I noticed how close we are getting. Wow! Time is flying by... I can hardly believe it! I'm so excited to meet Wyatt. Sunday Chris and I were just hanging around the house and both of us started talking about how neat it will be when Wyatt is here. We just wanted to be playing with him.

Birthday for Mommy

Sunday was my birthday and I have to show you all what Chris got me. He started a "Mommy" charm bracelet for me and it has little booties on it. The bottom of the booties are big enough to have Wyatt's name engraved on one and his birthday on the other. I love it! He did a good job... didn't he!?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wyatt's Kicking Daddy

Chris finally got to feel Wyatt kicking last night. I've been feeling him a lot more lately... mostly at night or when I'm sitting still. So last night I told Chris to just lay there with his hands on my tummy. Sure enough, Wyatt was practicing his karate kicks and Chris could feel it. Chris was so excited! He asks me everyday if I can feel Wyatt. I know he's been jealous because he couldn't feel it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fair Day

Yesterday, my mom, Ashley, and I went to the fair. I have never been to the State Fair and I really wanted to go this year. We did a fair taste test on all kinds of weird stuff, but Wyatt and I liked the corny dog the best (and we didn't share this with anyone... we had our own)! It was fun. We took the Dart tram (or whatever they call it) almost the whole way there. My mom had never been on it. It was very convenient. I could sit on the Dart all day and people watch! However, since I've been pregnant little things that never bothered me now scare me. Like some of the crazies on the bus. I guess it's just the mommy feeling I have. The rides are my favorite part of fairs, and I was sad that I couldn't ride the rides. Not even the big slide... my mom said I was crazy for even asking her if I could go down the big slide. I think that's way safer than driving a car and they let me do that, but whatever. I'll just wait til Wyatt gets big enough to race me down the big slide one day. We did play lots of games though. Ashley and I won little stuffed ducks throwing darts at balloons and my mom won a little Nemo fish playing something else. Then Ashley and I were too lazy to carry the ducks, so we gave them to 2 little girls. Now, of course, we know my mom and she can't go anywhere without thinking Wyatt needs something so he got a gift, too. He now has his first puzzle to play with that is his name.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daddy's Favorite

Jerry and I went out to run errands today. While he went to get a haircut, I walked over to Heart's Desire, a little cutesy store in Frisco. He met me over there and when he saw this he just had to get it for Wyatt or Chris... I'm not sure which one. I think it might officially be Chris's favorite outfit.

I bet you've noticed that I finally figured out how to upload pictures to the blog. It really is easy! I'll keep everyone updated with pictures now. Yay! Aunt Lisa (my sister) and Uncle Jeff gave me a new digital camera so I'm all set.

A Little Bit of Red Raider Brainwashing

We are going to have a little Red Raider fan! Here's Wyatt's Tech gear. The booties are from Mommy, the hat and white blankie are from Aunt Ashley, the red blankie is from Jerry (still waiting to hear what he wants to be called), and the Tech 101 book is from Grammy. I love it!

Added pictures of the nursery...

Scroll down. I added 2 pictures of the nursery, as promised. I figured out how to do it! Yay!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oooh, now I get it...

I finally understand what they meant when they said your hormones get out of whack when you're pregnant. I was doing so good! Now, I'll cry at just about anything... can't find something to wear... tears, something's not where I left it (or thought I left it)... tears, and it goes on and on. I think the worst part is that I realize how ridiculous it is, but I can't stop them sometimes. Thank God Chris hasn't left me yet. He's actually very sweet about it all. He usually says, "Just go to bed." And I have been. Sometimes I'm in bed by 8.

And about that flu shot. I guess it's been a long time since I've had a shot in my arm. I know I've had lots of blood drawn. Well, my arm hurts. It's not anything too bad... I just don't remember having such a sore arm from one little shot. It also made a lump. Apparently, Chris tells me now that you are supposed to rub them afterwards so you don't get a lump. Who knew? And I'm definitely not rubbing it now that it's sore. If you are laughing because I'm complaining about this and I'm about to have a BABY.... I guess we are both realizing I better toughen up. Hahaha.

I just wanted to say "hello" tonight, but I didn't have much to say. Some of you know my friend Tiffany. She's in Switzerland for a year being a nanny and I promised to keep her up to date on everything with this blog. Now, that she has one and she updates almost everyday I guess I need to post a little more than I have been. :) So, there you go Aunt Tiffany.