Sunday, August 25, 2013

Reagan Elle - Birth Story

Miss Reagan Elle is here and we couldn't be happier. She is such a sweet blessing and the perfect addition to our little family. Here is her birth story and I will post pictures later when I get them from Chris.

Reagan Elle Jeans
August 21, 2013
10:22 am
7 lbs 3 oz
18.5 in
On Tuesday, August 20th I drove Wyatt over to his friend's house to play and decided to stay home with Kenley. I figured she and I could just hang out and give my mom a little break. After I dropped Wyatt off, I quickly ran into the grocery store (breaking bed rest rules slightly, but we needed just a few things). When I got home around 10:30 am I thought that I might have leaked some fluid. I wasn't sure, so I called the doctor and told the nurse. They told me to go into labor and delivery to get everything checked out. I first had to run to Chris's office to drop off Kenley and then I went over to Baylor McKinney. I was pretty sure I'd just be wasting time and then get sent home feeling silly. They were pretty sure I wasn't losing fluids and so they decided not to send any tests to the lab. Baby girl was sounding great and so I felt good and headed home.
 By the tune I got home Chris had picked up Wyatt and put him and Kenley to bed for their nap and then went back to work. I took a nice long nap while they slept and then woke up around 4:30 when a friend came by to drop off dinner for us which I quickly put in the oven. Then I was once again pretty sure I was leaking fluid. This time I was almost positive that my water had broke, but I had no other signs of labor and I was paranoid that I'd be going in again and they would think I was crazy. So, I decided that I was at least going to be prepared if this was my water breaking. I took a shower, started packing my bag, and in between was texting Chris and my mom to decide what to do. I decided to call labor and delivery. They said to call the after hours number for my doctor. The on call doctor said that I had to go in because of several different reasons. So I told Chris after dinner we needed to head back over to the hospital.  I also called my mom and had her come over to watch the kids. I still wasn't sure what was going on, but I was going to be as prepared as possible.
I knew that IF my water had broken that I'd be meeting my sweet baby soon, but I also knew that I'd most likely be induced since labor hadn't started on its own. I was induced with Wyatt and I am not a fan one bit of Pitocin. I swear it could be used as a torture drug. Who wants to sit in the hospital being pumped full of meds that make your body contract.  I was dealing with a number of mixed emotions.
This time the Labor & Delivery nurses acted like there was no doubt my water had broken and after checking things out with some tests it was confirmed, my water had in fact already broke.  I was told I would be staying the night.  My nurses were great and I was feeling fine so we got to hang out quite a bit while they got me set up with an IV and everything else.  We were moved from the L&D triage room to a delivery room and after getting settled in were told my doctor had ordered the induction for 5 am.  Once we were settled my mom and friend, Ashley, came to visit and hang out while Ashley's mom stayed at my house with the kids for a bit.
My goal was for my body to take over and labor to start to avoid being induced so Chris and I walked around the hospital. We made several passes by the nursery and this definitely got us excited to meet our girl. I prayed and prayed for things to start. I was really scared this time. With Wyatt, I had no idea what anything would be like and that might have been a blessing. I was induced with him and ended up with an epidural. With Kenley, I was sent home early in the day and told that when I couldn't walk or talk I was in real labor and it could take a week longer. I was so afraid I was being a baby that I ended up staying home too long and ended up at the hospital dilated to a 9.5. Yikes, but I made it without the epidural, which was what I really wanted. However, I didn't have a choice at that point. So this time I knew what induction felt like, I really wanted to not use pain meds (I'm not against pain meds, but I don't like how I feel after the epidural), and I was SCARED. So I prayed and I googled. I don't recommend googling for support in this situation, because you will get lots of info about how painful Pitocin makes labor!
So then it was time to get some sleep for the big day ahead. I started feeling contractions, which are always felt in my back, but the nurse couldn't see them on the monitors. So I assumed I was just making myself think I was contracting. But I couldn't sleep either way. It wasn't too painful, but I was excited, nervous, and it was enough to not be able to focus on sleep. Luckily, my blood pressure was cooperating and looking good. This was huge because I wanted them to let me move around during labor and if my BP was high I wouldn't be able to.
At some point in the middle of the night I started getting a migraine. This freaked me out the most. I felt like I was trying to prepare for a marathon and was trying to get in the right frame of mind and now this. There was no way I could labor with a migraine. I'd totally throw in the towel and be asking them to wheel me to the operating room. Anyways, I called the nurse in and she called my doctor and he ordered me medicine for it. I've had this twice in the past few weeks because all of a sudden my migraines weren't getting under control with oral meds. Since I had the IV, she put the medicine in it and it worked FAST! Whew!
At 5am, I was surprisingly at a 2! So I was having some contractions! BUT they still went ahead with the Pitocin to make sure things continued. I told the nurse that I was ready for it to be daytime because I was hurting a bit and I wanted to get moving around. I was really kind of starting to hurt from the contractions all night and tired of laying there, but I didn't want to admit that things were hurting all ready. She was so sweet and acted like it was no big deal and I could do whatever I wanted. She went and got me a battery so that my monitors could be unhooked and I could walk around. I was so relieved. I woke Chris up and told him let's get moving. So off we went making our rounds just walking and talking. Then we headed back to the room.
At 7 am, it was shift change. We always get so attached to the nurses and are sad for them to leave, but the next nurse was just as sweet. She came in and sat down and talked to me about what I wanted. She knew the goal was as natural as possible and she told me all the things I could do - use a ball to sit on, use the fancy shower, etc. Then she discussed all my pain management options. She was a Red Raider, too, so we were a great pair.
Around 8 am, Dr. Joseph stopped by to check on me and say "hi." He told me he had a C-section scheduled at noon so he imagined he'd see me after that. The nurse told him she thought it would be late afternoon. Shortly after he left I was sitting in the rocking chair in the room just trying to focus and breathe. I was hurting, but it was way too early in my mind to be hurting so I just kept trying not to tell anyone how bad I felt. Chris was great. I think I'm pretty low maintenance during most of laboring. I rocked in the chair. He had a music playlist going and I just wanted him to be there. The pain kept increasing and the monitors weren't picking up baby very well so I had to get in the bed for awhile.
After awhile in the bed, I started wanting to discuss pain management. It was getting bad and I was DONE. At the same time, baby still wasn't being picked up on the monitor too well so they decided to have a doctor that was there come put a monitor on her head and he would check to see where we were and then we could discuss pain.
So at about 9 am, I had 2 nurses in there and when the doctor checked he said I was at an 8!!! Everyone was shocked! That gave me a glimmer of hope and everyone's encouragement made me ready to finish it out without any medication.
So then things got REALLY painful. The next hour and a half was brutal, but I tried my hardest to focus and breathe. I was so close to meeting our girl and it was going exactly how I had prayed. However, at this moment I was praying for it to be over! My mom came just in time for the worst part and she and Chris alternated cool cloths on my forehead. Dr. Joseph had been called back as soon as they knew I was at an 8 and so he was out by the nurses station ready to go.
All of a sudden it was time and once again Dr. Joseph got to come running in while throwing on his delivery outfit. The nurses thought we had a little longer, but Miss Reagan was ready and at 10:22 am we met our sweet girl.
She was my first baby that got to be immediately placed on my chest and it was so great to get to see her right away. Wyatt needed a little oxygen and Kenley had swallowed some meconium so both of them had to get checked real quick and then Chris got to hold them first.
Wyatt couldn't wait to come meet his littlest sister. He hadn't slept all night because he knew she was coming soon and asked my mom approximately every hour if she was here yet. So he couldn't wait to come in and meet her (and he needed to get home for some sleep) so he came in to the recovery room to see us. He fell in love immediately. You will never see this boy more proud than when he's with his sisters. He is the best big brother ever.
Poor Kenley was sick the previous day and still sick so she didn't get to really meet Reagan until we got home. We felt so bad that she didn't get to be more a part of everything, but knew that she was well taken care of with Grammy. I'll post more later about us getting settled in as a family of 5, but this post is already long so I'll end it here for now.
Reagan is absolutely precious and we are so in love with her. I'll be posting lots of pictures soon.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pregnancy Update {Bed Rest & Grammy Day Camp}

(This is probably a long and boring post, but I always forget these little details about my pregnancies so I'm documenting. There are some pictures of some cuties at the end, though.)

A few weeks ago Dr. J decided I needed to start coming in to see him weekly because my iron levels were still low even taking 2 pills a day. Last week it was so low that he mentioned a transfusion. Now, I'm not one to freak out for the most part, but that really freaked me. Luckily, when my labwork came back it was better than what the machine in the office was saying. Whew! Also at the appointment I knew my blood pressure was creeping up a little higher (before the whole blood talk) and since that happens at about this time each pregnancy I've been prepared but hopeful that it wouldn't happen this time. So, this week I had Chris come to the appointment with me for 2 reasons. 1. If they needed to send me to the lab and stuff it would be easier to have him help with the kids because eventually they get restless in there. 2. I knew my BP was getting to that point so I wanted as little stress as possible so I'd get a good number. Well.... as soon as Dr. J came in after the nurse gave him my BP he said "bed rest and bi-weekly visits." There's a lot to be said for being prepared because it was WAY less traumatic for me this time than the last 2 times. With Wyatt, I was teaching and had to stop early, which meant my long term sub got thrown in there and I started using my maternity leave without a baby. Total bummer! And with Kenley, I wasn't working but I was staying home with an almost 3 year old and how in the world was I supposed to stay in bed with a kiddo running around. So this time I pretty much knew that I was going to be just fine and it was GRAMMY and DADDY that would need to brace themselves. :) Between facebook stalking, blog stalking, and the way addicting candy crush game/app I was going to be just fine. They, on the other hand, will be praying that Miss Reagan decides to come as soon as she can. But in all seriousness I am so grateful that I have the most supportive and helpful family and friends. I feel very blessed and I appreciate everyone that has offered to help. Today was day 2 of Grammy Day Camp and last night a sweet friend brought us dinners.

So here's how the last 2 days have gone. Wyatt wakes up around 7 or 7:30 for the most part even if he goes to bed later. Kenley sleeps 12-13 hours so she wakes up later since bed times have been later in the summer. Chris brings Wyatt downstairs before he leaves for work and he plays cars and trains while I stay in bed and look at all the cars he comes to show me and the occasional mess he's made of some brilliant idea he had. Today we took all the extra sheets and pillows out of the chest at the end of the bed and made some sort of fort. Around 9 Wyatt will go let Kenley out of her room. I think she wakes up a little earlier and reads books and plays with dolls. Today Wyatt said she was sitting in the rocking chair with her book and baby. We have video monitors, but I'm waiting for the company to send me a replacement (we've had problems with these, which could be a whole boring post of it's own). Then we do breakfast, get dressed and ready, and head to Grammy's house. We get there between 10-10:30 and she takes over and I head to her couch. Around 2 or 3 we head home for a late nap so that when they wake up Daddy is getting home and then he takes over.

Here was my view from her couch on day 1. She made them a picnic and they built Legos. All 3 of them were loving Grammy time.

You can only stalk facebook and play phone games for so long, but who doesn't love to color?!

That night, here was my view from our couch. Such a sweet husband. Being anemic this time around has made it much easier to stay on the couch. I'm exhausted all the time! But I'm SURE I'll be over this soon. It's usually a nice break for about a week and then I'll start going crazy.

On day 2, I had a doctor's appointment and the kids and Grammy did craft time while I was gone. Wyatt loves nothing more than to get messy. Kenley usually like to get messy, but she's way more hesitant. They were making concrete stones with pebbles and mosaic tiles for decorations. It started out like this...

Kenley got hers all pretty and kept her hands clean...

And Wyatt's ended like this... full on mixing it up, getting messy, and having a blast. We do messy crafts often, but there's a time limit for this boy, because it starts out nice, then ok, then messy, and then you better stop him because he will be seeing just how far he can go and what else he can do. Looks, like Grammy figured that out because there was no evidence of this mess by the time I got there. Trust me, if he had long enough he would have made himself a statue.

Still clean and happy with her project...

They played hard after craft time, watched Netflix, and then Kaleton came over from across the street to play and have lunch. I was sleeping on the couch for most of this and when I woke up my mom had lunch for me. I think I should just pack me bags and move in, right?!

They were absolutely worn out on the way home! So sound asleep that I was able to turn off the VBS cd and listen to the radio! Kenley has a chocolate mustache because my mom has an M&M machine and this little girl sneaks her way over to it and helps herself as soon as everyone is distracted. I told my mom today that she needs to make it so you have to put money in.

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