Sunday, January 18, 2009

1 Week

We can't believe Wyatt is one week old already! Time is flying by. It's amazing how time can go so fast. I spend the day on a 2-3 hour schedule and mostly staring at little Wyatt and time just absolutely goes so fast. It's crazy. Wyatt has changed so much in just one week. He opens his eyes more, makes more faces, and stretches and moves a lot more. We are having so much fun watching him grow.

The Baby Tanning Bed

Monday was our first day to wake up at home. Wyatt was looking more yellow than he had at the hospital, which we knew to watch for since they thought he was a little jaundice. We called the pediatrician and they said to come on in. First, we had to go to the hospital for a bilirubin test, which is a blood test they do by poking Wyatt's little heal and putting the blood in a tube. He didn't like it and neither did we, but we were all tough. I didn't even cry. Then we went to the pedi to get the results and let them look at Wyatt. The numbers for the bilirubin came back kind of high so they told us we would need to do home phototherapy and that Cook Children's would send someone out with everything we needed. We had no idea what this meant...

About 9 pm the guy got here with the phototherapy machine. I'll get pictures up soon. It looked like a baby tanning bed. He explained everything including, Wyatt would need to lay in the machine 24/7, without anything but a diaper, and he had to wear these little goggles. As soon as he left Chris and I held each other and cried. It was so sad. Wyatt cried all night. We had to watch him in the bed to make sure his eyes stayed covered. My mom was here so that we could get some sleep, but I just couldn't sleep hearing all the cries. After my mom left around 4 am I just sat there so upset and frustrated that we had to do this, but at the same time I wanted Wyatt to be better. Finally, Chris called the 24 hour emergency line to talk to a nurse for suggestions to make Wyatt calmer. She told us to put his blankets in there to make him feel better. It worked a little. The next day we did the same thing until it was time to do the whole hospital then pedi thing again. Wyatt had lost some weight, but the bili numbers had gone down a little, which was good. He had to sleep in the tanning bed for another 24 hours. Thank goodness, that by this time he was getting used to it and it was much better. Chris and I were exhausted from having to sit and watch all night, but we wouldn't have left Wyatt's side if we were told to. The next day Wyatt had gained 2 ounce.. woohoo!!! And the bili numbers had gone down more... yay!!! No more tanning bed. We were so happy! So was Wyatt. Wednesday night was so nice. We all got some sleep and woke up feeling much better on Thursday.

Thursday we got to go see Dr. Joseph for my visit and it went well, too. My blood pressure is on it's way back down. We brought the nurses and the epidural doctor cookies.

That night Wyatt got to go to Grammy and Jerry's house and Pap and Lori's house.

Our gift from above... Wyatt Reid

Wyatt Reid Jeans is finally here! He was born January 9th at 7:18pm. He is the most beautiful baby ever. He weighed 7lbs 5.6 oz and was 20 inches.

When the doctor came in to talk to us the day after I last posted he said our best option for being able to avoid a c-section would be to induce. We started some medicine Thursday night to get me ready, then started the pitocin early Friday morning. It was a long day, but worth every second! Our nurses were the best and Dr. Joseph was amazing. I couldn't have asked for better people to help Wyatt into this world.

Getting to see Wyatt for the first time was a moment that words just can't describe. I've always heard parents say that they didn't know how much they could love someone until the day their child was born and I get it now. It's amazing.

Chris and my mom helped in the room during labor. I was nice... everyone keeps asking if I was mean. You can even ask Chris and my mom, I was nice the entire time. I ended up getting the epidural halfway through and thank goodness they have those! I've already delivered cookies to the doctor that came in and gave it to me. :) Jeff and Lori waited outside the room so that they could hear Wyatt's first cry. The waiting room was full and friends and family waiting to meet Wyatt and our phones were close by to let our friends and family further away know that
Wyatt was here safe and sound. Thank you so much for all the prayers and support the past 9months. We feel so blessed to have an adorable, healthy baby boy.

After everyone got to meet Wyatt and had gone home the nurses came in to help us get settled. Chris got to give Wyatt his first bath. I got to take a shower and then the nurses left us alone to sleep. Wyatt stayed in our room. We got a little sleep, but kept waking up just to stare at him.

We stayed all day Saturday and got to go home on Sunday. We had lots of visitors both days. It was so nice to get to show Wyatt off. He loves his family and friends! Sunday was a busy day. Wyatt's pediatrician came. We absolutely love him! He visited everyday. Then the picture lady came to take Wyatt's first pictures. They are cute! Grammy went nuts buying them, of course. Then Dr. Joseph came to do Wyatt's little "boy" surgery. It was sad. I did much better than Daddy did with this one. Then we got all packed up and left. I got to hold Wyatt in his carseat while they wheeled me out in a wheelchair. It was very emotional. I cried. The ride home was the scariest drive of our lives, of course. When we got home our house was immaculate. Tiffany had been staying here with the dogs and she cleaned and disinfected everything. It was the best gift ever.

The Jeans Family is home and happy as can be!

(I know this already is a long post, but I could have written a novel. :) Mostly because I could write a few chapters on how happy we are to be parents, a few over labor and delivery, and one for each of our family members and friends that have been truly amazing to us.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is it time yet?

Things have been going well. I don't like bed rest, but I get to go to Day Camp every day, which is my mom's couch. She lets me come over and she and Jerry entertain me. I have coloring books and crayons, too. :) I've watched every Discovery Health and Animal Planet show there is. I love all the baby shows on TLC, too. With all this time I still haven't read the second Twilight book. :( Actually, I don't think I've read at all. I have slept a lot, too. My shoulders hurt so bad from laying on my side. I never even thought about that happening! I've been going to Dr. Joseph 2 times a week for blood pressure checks. We had a sonogram last Wednesday and then another one today. Baby Wyatt is getting bigger and bigger. Today the sonogram said he is 7.8 lbs. He is practicing breathing, which I am pretty sure means his lungs are working well. He even kicks back when you touch his little feet. He had hiccups when we were doing the sonogram and you could see his whole little body move each time.

Now, I'll get into today's excitement! After the sonogram my bp was elevated from Monday, which has been happening pretty much each time we go. Dr. Joseph came in said that I needed to go to labor and delivery to be monitored. And we know I'm a planner so, of course, I wanted to know if we'll be having a baby tonight. He said he didn't know and to get down there. So, now it's almost midnight and here I am. My blood pressure has been going up and down. It's really picky... I have to lay just perfect to get it down and sometimes that doesn't even work. I have to stay 24 hours so that they can collect my pee to measure how much protein is in it. Sorry for all the information, but that's what I'm doing... sitting her in a bed, updating my blog, and collecting pee. :) Noon (ten til noon, to be exact) tomorrow will be 24 hours and then they will get the lab results. Then Dr. Joseph is going to decide what's next. I want to know now! Maybe we will get to meet Wyatt tomorrow. I'm so ready and excited, but I want them to do whatever is best for Wyatt.

I hate hospitals because they are scary to me, but I'm actually doing really well. Chris even went home for awhile to take care of the dogs and get some stuff and I did well. I started to get sad, but that was about when school got out and friends started calling and I talked on the phone for about 3 hours. :) Then Chris came back and brought dinner. My mom got here a little while ago to bring me the computer. So, she and Chris are watching a movie (they have channel where you can get movies) and I'm playing on the computer.

That's today's news. I'm hoping tomorrow there will be more exciting news. We will see!