Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"For Mommy"

Wyatt loves to go shopping at Marketstreet because they have "baby carts" that he can push. Last week Chris took him shopping for a few things and while walking Wyatt picked up this mini manicure set and said "for Mommy" and put it in his cart. I do my nails several times a week and Wyatt sees me all the time so he must have thought this was the perfect gift. Sweet boy!

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Christmas 2011

We had a very busy, fun, and family-filled weekend. Here are the kiddos on Christmas Eve morning.

On Christmas Eve morning we went over to Grammy and Grampy's house to go launch the rocket Grampy had gotten Wyatt the night before. The night before Wyatt loaded the capsule with a Leggo man (Mickey Mouse wouldn't fit) and he woke up asking about going to send it to Mars. We all headed to the park and Wyatt love, love, loved setting it up, pushing the button, and yelling "3, 2, 1 blast off." The rocket went super high, but ended up landing in a tree. Grampy promised to get a new rocket and Wyatt told everyone about the rocket, how high it went, and that it was in the tree.

We went to Pap and Lori's for dinner and to do gifts. Things were a little different this year since Lori is very weak from her recent stem cell transplant, but what mattered the most to us is that 1) Lori was able to do the transplant, 2) we would all be healthy enough to spend Christmas as a family (we have to be careful because her immune system is so low), and 3) she was able to be home with her family. So just being able to be together was an answer to prayers.

Horrible blurry picture, but since I'm usually the picture taker this was all I had.

Pap and Kenley

Wyatt loved his presents.

Chris, Wyatt, and Uncle Garrett in the background (me, Lori, and Aunt Sarah were on the other side of the room)

Once we got home on Christmas Eve we skyped with Bunny, Big Daddy, Aunt Maddie, Aunt Kenzie, and Aunt Sarah to open gifts with them. Wyatt is really good with the computer and loves to show off for everyone. Until we all live closer one day it's so nice to get to see each other this way. Before bed we set out Santa's cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer.

On Christmas morning, Pap and Lori dropped off Aunt Sarah and Uncle Garrett on the way to take Lori to the hospital (they have to go every day). While I fed Kenley, Chris got the big kids pancakes and then we were all set to go upstairs to see what Santa had brought. Wyatt totally got Santa this year. He was soooo excited.

We went to Pap and Lori's in the afternoon where Aunt Jessie,Uncle Gene, and Tripp met us and we all got a Christmas lunch prepared, played games, and hung out while we waited for Pap and Lori to get home.

Around 5 Jessie, Gene, Tripp, Garrett, Sarah, and the 4 of us headed to my family's Christmas at Grammy and Grampy's. There was more food, fun games, more presents, and lots of family including Papa (my grandfather), my dad and step-mom, my sister (with a baby bump that we just found out on the 22nd is a girl!) and brother-in-law, my aunt and uncle, my older sister with my 2 nieces and nephew, and other friends that stopped in for parts of the night. It was a full house and everyone had lots of fun.

And... Grampy kept his promise and got a new rocket (plus a few extras) so we left the babies with the grandmas and everyone loaded up and headed to the park, which was a complete spur of the moment idea but it was really fun.

Grampy setting it up. (Yes, it is dark and yes, I'm sure that makes this a bad idea but there were more boys than girls so the bad idea won in the voting I guess)

Jessie and Gene

Everyone trying to see where it was landing, which we couldn't after the fuse went out, but we saw it for most of the flight

After this we all went back and played games. My favorite family game is the new Kinect Dance Central that my parents got. Jessie and I have been dancing lots and there will not be pictures of this! :) Wyatt did do a whole song by himself and my mom recorded it and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

We aren't done celebrating yet... the day after Christmas my dad and Michelle made their famous Christmas breakfast for us at their house so it was more food, fun, and presents. We successfully celebrated Christmas over breakfast, lunch, and dinner this year and it's back to working out and veggies I go (already have a big pot of veggie soup in the fridge). :)

After a month full of Christmas festivities this little guy was worn out at the very end.

Kenley's big girl gift was an activity center and she loves it. Since she can hold her head up so well we thought we'd give it a try and she seems to like the new view. This is her the day after Christmas.

I'm not sure why I put this out of order but it's hard to fix so I'm leaving it. This is my sister, Dawn, Kenley, and cousin Marnie Christmas night at my mom's.

We are so thankful for our family and friends and getting to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas together. Although most of my Christmas posts have pictures of Santa and presents one of the most special things about this holiday season was being able to teach Wyatt what Christmas is really about and being able to talk WITH him about this. He especially loved the Nativity scene at our house and learned who Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are and their names. I need to get him his own little set for next year because I think our glass sheep is lucky he still is in one piece this year (Wyatt always picks him up and wants to play with him).

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Last night we went over to my mom's and Jessie (Chris' sister) and Gene met us over there with Baby Tripp. Grammy said there was room for one more when Tripp got there...

Grammy gave all 3 kiddos baths and here Kenley and Tripp are talking and staring at each other. Wyatt was too busy for pictures.

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Girl in the Kitchen

Tonight was Kenley's 1st time cooking dinner with Mommy/sitting in the high chair. I felt like she needed a different view and I wanted her up higher so I got out the high chair and I think she loves it. :)

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clean & Cuddly

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A Very Merry Playdate

We had a playdate at our house with some of our old workout buddies and our new workout buddies. The kiddos were great and had a blast. And the Mommies enjoyed some good snacks and conversation. There were only 2 small incidences - one crying kiddo and one glass ornament thrown over the banister. BOTH of which were caused by MY CHILD. :( Hmmm.... we are days away from having a 3 year old and it's looking like it will be an eventful year.

The kids made these cute little trains...

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2 months {Kenley}

At 2 months Kenley is...

11 lbs 15.6 oz

22 in

the most easy going baby

eating about every 3 hours during the day

sleeping through the night most nights

still loves her swaddle at night

smiling and cooing

holding her head up fairly well

getting her shoulders up during tummy time

still rolling over from tummy to back (Dr. Cook said her gross motor skills are ahead of her age. I said she can tell she better be ready to hold her own with her big brother who loves to wrestle.) :)

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas in the Square

We are completely loving all the Christmas fun this year. Wyatt is at the perfect age to enjoy it all. Friday night we met my mom, Papa (my grandfather), and the Mikulas' at the Square. I'm from Frisco and when we moved here (when I was going in to 4th grade) we never could have imagined that one day all of this would be on Main Street.

There was an outdoor skating rink and Wyatt loves watching ice skaters. We watch them at the mall, too.

I'm such a rule follower, but lucky for Wyatt Grammy is not so much. She let him stand on the ice and touch it. Might be why she's his "buddy."

Wyatt was soooo excited to get to hang out with Aidan. I love how happy they look in this picture.

First stop once we started walking around was the little popcorn place (I LOVE popcorn). Wyatt and I shared Oreo white chocolate popcorn. Grammy had chocolate covered. Perfect.
Then the boys bounced and bounced in this bounce house we found. I was glad to have them contained so all the adults could chat for a while.

Then there were some games. The man running the basketball game kept helping Wyatt by picking him up and letting him get a basket (yes, he asked me first and yes, I let the stranger pick Wyatt up). Aidan always amazes me. He throws the ball up there so well and can make it.

Mommy, Wyatt, and Grammy went on a train ride.

I'm totally planning on adding this to our list of traditions.

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Christmas at Northpark

My mom and I planned a day of fun at Northpark Mall since we had never been to see the trains and Wyatt is way into trains right now. First, we went to Storytime with Santa. He was a good storyteller.

On our way to find the trains we ran into this group of kiddos dancing to hip-hoppy Christmas carols and we stopped to watch. Wyatt loved watching them and so did we.

Kenley got hungry so she had a little snack and my mom was super excited to feed her because she never gets to.

Finally, we made it to the trains. Wyatt was in awe and completely in a boy zone in the trains room. This translates to running from one spot to the next, begging to touch them over and over again, and having an all out meltdown about having to leave. Yes, on the floor crying, pouting... complete meltdown. Oh my! But he really did LOVE it and has talked about it 3,826 times since so it was well worth it. And since we've been working on our "almost-3-year-old-behavior" lately I guess this was to be expected at a place like this.

Look! The State Fair... It was my favorite part and so cute. It even had little rides that were moving.

We found Thomas! This little guy was starstruck. He went back to Thomas half a dozen times. And yes, during the meltdown I was thinking I should never have showed him Thomas. ;)

We have a train table and trains at our house that Santa brought last year, but they aren't Thomas because Wyatt wasn't in to Thomas last year. My mom has Thomas and his friends and tracks at her house. Wyatt loves all trains and will play with all of them, but it's always a really big deal to go to Grammy's and play with those. He will play Thomas for hours! And Thomas (THE Thomas... he knows which are which) comes home with us every time then we bring him back every time. Thomas is in bed next to Wyatt right now.
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