Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Precious Moments

I've been such a bad blogger lately and there's no way to catch up on everything so I went through my phone and added some of the precious moments I've missed blogging. And, yes, Kenley is 6 months and I just posted her 5 month picture. It's all coming. I'll get that one up as soon as I get her doctor appointment stats (hopefully before she's 7 months).

Wyatt loves to do "crafts." I have this board that I hang his work on, but it's never really a big deal. I usually end up sticking stuff on there when he's not watching after the artwork dries or whatever. We look at it and it's special, but I didn't think Wyatt really cared. Well... this day after he finished he jumped up, ran to the board, and was soooo excited to hang up his work so that "Daddy would see it." I took this picture to send to Chris at work. How cute is that?! And yes, Mom, you still have the "Mom of the Year Award" (I keep trying to steal her award) because I let my child wear his underwear inside out AND backwards. Here are my thoughts. 1.) We are lucky he put them on because he hates putting them on. I always find his undies laying by the potty because he takes everything off to go potty, then only puts his pants back on. Lazy. 2.) He did it himself.

Ignore the mess. Our house always has toys everywhere unless it's nap time. Look at both of my babies watching TV together.

I love when babies randomly fall asleep wherever they are and it makes a super cute picture like this one.

We've been going for walks after dinner when we eat at my mom's house. Wyatt rides his red car. I push Kenley. My mom helps Wyatt get "gas" at every fire hydrant "gas station" using a stick she carries as the pump. Love it.

Another one of Wyatt's favorite things to do at Grammy's is go feed the ducks. She now has a stockpile of crackers in her car trunk just for the ducks. Wyatt LOVES his Grammy!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Roughin' It

Last weekend, Chris, Wyatt, Kenley, Uncle Garrett and I all went down to the deer lease. This was my first time to go with our kids and it was a blast. The drive down went great. All the kid were really good.

Now that I've been selling ThirtyOne bags and accessories, I have a bag for everything and I love it!

At night we went spotlighting looking for animals. The stars were so bright in the sky, too. We got to watch several deer. Chris drove the truck, Kenley rode in her carseat and slept, Wyatt got to ride in the front seat (which was HUGE), and Garrett and I rode in the bed. Garrett told me everything I needed to know about hunting and he was a great guide on our trip. I even got some "ghost" stories on the second night.

Traded in my pink for the weekend for this...

Wyatt doesn't get a real gun yet, but he practiced his gun safety with a toy gun that he called his "shooter shooter."

Kenley in her camo dress that has "Daddy's Girl" in pink and a little bling on it.

While hanging out in the trailer on the second day Kenley and I decided to polish nails since we wanted a little bit of girl time. :) Her first pedi... not her last though.

The boys doing what they do.

See that smile behind her binky?!

Our second ride for the weekend. This thing is FUN!

I'm excited to have many more fun weekends out there. It was a nice little getaway for all of us.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Eggstravaganza

The annual egg dying party at my mom's house. My mom doesn't do anything small and her egg dying party is no eggception ;). 20+ dozen and everyone gets to bring their eggs home.

Everyone joins in the fun! Here's my sister (and baby Peyton due in May) and Papa.

We celebrated with my family, Chris' family, and close friends on Saturday. The Easter Bunny hid eggs at the park. 320 eggs! EB is like my mom and doesn't do anything small apparently. Then we launched rockets at the park. The kids all loved pressing the button and counting down. I love setting them up. And we had plenty of spectators. It was the perfect day at the park with family. Then the party moved to my mom's where we had lots of food and swimming.

Wyatt and Daddy hunting eggs

With Grandma (my stepmom)

Handsome Papa.

My sister, Dawn's, girls Devyn and Marnie - red faces and full bags from all the running around getting eggs

Sunday morning we woke up to see that the Easter Bunny had been to out house, eaten our carrots, and left "baskets" full of surprises.

If you have talked to Wyatt AT ALL in the last few months, you know that all he wanted from the Easter Bunny was hot dog candy. The Easter Bunny did not disappoint! And then you ask, what are HD candies and how does he know about them?! Well, we spend lots of time in craft stores and he happened to spot them once in the party aisle. They are nasty, gummy candies shaped like hot dogs in a bun. He would eat these for every meal if I let him and he eats EVERY one the same way. 1st pulls the hot dog out of the bun (because of course it comes out) and shoves the whole bun in his mouth which is way to big. Chomps for no less that 3 minutes. Then eats the hot dog. Love this kid!

Yes, there were other things. Note the "bun" is in his mouth and the hot dog is in his right hand. I'm not lying. Every. Single. Time.

For Sunday brunch we went to the Intercontinental Hotel Brunch. It's the best brunch ever, but this whole eating healthy thing really put a cramp in that. It was a nice time with family.
Wyatt went up to the EB, talked to him, got his candy, said "thank you," and wasn't going to take his eyes off of him to stand there long enough to get a picture.

But Kenley was fearless.

Cousin Tripp and Little Miss chatting

We had a great time celebrating with family and friends and although the eggs, candy, and swimming were all fun, the most special part was spending time with family and friends celebrating the true meaning of Easter.

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5 Months {Kenley}

This post is better late than never!

At 5 months Kenley is...

still sleeping well (this month she was waking up around 5 to eat pretty steadily but then going right back to sleep)

taking a cat nap wherever we are in the morning (15-30 min) then a solid 1 and a half to 2 hour nap in the late afternoon in her crib and another cat nap sometime before bedtime

Getting much better grabbing things and using her hands

Still eating great and loving baby "real" food (fruit and veggie purees and even some Baby Mum Mum corn rusk things that melt quickly)

rolling all over the place

Kenley loves...

to laugh, giggle, and make some noises (no one can make her laugh as hard as Wyatt can!)

to play with her feet and toes

to put her feet in the sandbox

to swing at the park (and anything that involves being outside)

being swaddled (still!) and her binky

her crib (she does a great job sleeping in there and even takes her naps in there)

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Heaven Gained an Angel

On March 23rd very early in the morning Chris' stepmom, Lori, went to Heaven to be with our Lord and Savior. Chris and his father, Jeff, were by her side. As hard as it has been for all of us, we know that Lori is pain-free and we will see her again. She fought and fought against the Multiple Myeloma that she dealt with for over 6 years. She never once said "why me," but rather "why not me," which is one of the last things she told me when we talked about one of her upcoming treatments. She leaves behind so many that love her, but our hearts ache for Sarah and Garrett who only got 10 short years with their Mom. As a family, we will trust in God's plan, as Lori always reminded us. I would like to thank all of my friends and family for the unending prayers, love, and support.