Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Cousin and Bunny Visit

This post is a little late, because I should have taken pictures off of Sue's (Chris' mom) camera when she was here like she told me to, but I didn't so now I ended up stealing them off her facebook. :) So rewind with me back to October. October was a very special and exciting month for us.

On October 27th Chris' sister, Jessie, and her husband, Gene, welcomed Tripp Edward just 11 days after Miss Kenley. We could not be more excited to have cousins so close in age and Wyatt is loving having babies around. He thinks he's a pro now. Tripp is such a cutie.

Wyatt making sure things are ok...

Sue came from North Carolina on October 26th and the original plan was to stay with us for awhile then go stay with Jessie because her original due date was November 1st, but Tripp was too excited to get here so the plans changed a bit. It worked out perfect. We all shared Bunny and she went back and forth between our 2 houses. She was probably tired when she got home! Most of our time was spent just loving, cuddling, and playing with the kids.

Kenley wore her Bunny outfit for her Bunny.

Getting 2 newborns and an almost-3 year old to pose is a tough job...

One of the days Sue was here, Aunt Sarah, drove up from Baylor to visit and meet Kenley.

As always the 2 weeks flew by so fast and we had so much fun. We can't wait for the next visit. We love you, Bunny!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pictures from our weekend...

We had a busy weekend. I'm trying to get better at taking pictures so here are a few from our weekend.

After build and grow on Saturday we met my dad and stepmom for breakfast with the kiddos.

Saturday night I had to run to the craft store and Wyatt came with me. My mom and friend, Ashley, met us and we went out to dinner. Ashley got Wyatt those things that grow in water and I let him play with them before we ate. He thought they were super cool.

I thought I had a great idea and it turned out to be a disaster! Wyatt loves ice cubes so I made food colored ice cubes for him to paint with. I let him play with them while I cooked dinner (Sunday night) BUT they stained his fingers and color was going to get EVERYWHERE. So the great idea lasted a few minutes and then Chris was sticking Wyatt in the bathtub for me. If anyone has done this successfully, let me know the trick. I might have put too much color in. Maybe I'll try again another time.

Aunt Becca (Chris' sister) lives in Houston and is going to culinary school. She came to visit us and it was so nice to see her. She works at The Children's Place on the weekends and brought cute surprises for the kids.

Here is Kenley sporting her new cupcake jammies from Aunt Becca. These are perfect because Aunt Becca is in school for pastries and cakes. :)

Wyatt asked to hold his baby sister. He is sooo good with her. He loves her more than words can say and it warms my heart.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 Month {Kenley}

Our sweet baby girl is already 1 month old! The past month has been an absolute joy for our family.

At 1 month Kenley is...

9 lbs 13.7 oz

21.5 in

eating about every 3 hours during the day and 4-5 at night

being swaddled at night

starting to have more "awake" time during the day

randomly smiling (but we like to claim her smiles)

practicing holding her head up

able to roll over from tummy to back (she has done this 4 times now without being upset or anything; we aren't sure if she knows how or if she just does it on accident but she rolls...)

Her favorite things to do are...

be held



stare at her big brother

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


After nap I met my friends Nancy and Jody at the park to get out, go for a walk, and let the kids play. We told the kids after we walked that they could play on the playground and then feed the ducks.

All 6 kiddos

I told him to say "cheese" but when he looked up the goose grabbed a bite of bread out of his hands.

Too busy to look at cameras... Will, Wyatt, and Violet.

Weston was cracking up watching all the ducks. He eventually got to throw some, too.

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Flowers for Mommy

Our morning routine lately has been starting out with me going to get Wyatt. I tell him to go potty and then come downstairs when he's finished. He's old enough now where he can play upstairs and doesn't get into trouble. I listen and I can usually tell what he's doing! So sometimes he plays and then comes down. This morning he came into the bedroom and said "Mommy flowers," "I'll show you... on the table!" He was so excited. When I got up later I saw that he found these flowers upstairs and brought them down for me. This is the best flower delivery I've ever gotten! Such a sweet boy.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My sweet babies together before bed...

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The BOB is Full

Tonight we took our first family walk with the BOB stroller. Kenley did great and Wyatt was such a sweet big brother. I know I say that all the time, but he really is just too sweet to his sister. Every time her binky fell out we would lean over, find it, and fix it for her. We didn't ask him to or anything. He tells us from the minute he wakes up that he's going to "check her." He has to know where she is at all times. Once we tell him, he has to go look. I LOVE it!

This was the best picture I could get while pushing.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cloth Diapering

My friend, Robin, started using cloth diapers and blogging about it. She convinced me that it wasn't that hard. Chris and I discussed it and he was on board quickly (he's all for anything saving money!). We started our cloth diapering adventures on Halloween night. Since I've had sooo many people tell us we are crazy, I guess now it's my turn to blog about how it's going so far.

First of all, how stinkin' cute are these?! They are still pretty bulky, but it's not too noticeable with clothes on and I know she will grow into them quickly. Best part is that we chose one size diapers that snap to different sizes so we shouldn't have to buy any more diapers (other than getting new fun colors and stuff). :)

Here's what we use. We chose Flip diapers (from the same makers as Bum Genius). We have 2 Bum Genius diapers since I heard some people like them, too, but we haven't used them yet. With the Flip diapers you put an insert into the diaper cover (the cute part). For each change, you just slip out the insert, slip in a new one, and throw it in the wet bag. So easy! You can choose between velcro and snap diapers and we chose snaps. The insert has a really soft fabric on one side for against the skin and a terry material on the back. I'm amazed at how well it pulls the moisture away from her skin. We also have a flip top trash can (I got it yesterday and didn't take a picture yet) and a wet bag that goes in it for diapers. It doesn't smell bad at all. When I wash the diapers, I just throw the bag in with it.

Here's how I keep it organized. Since she's in the bassinet in our room, I keep this basket next to my bed. It's no harder than changing a disposable diaper in the middle of the night and actually smells less because they go in the bag instead of the trash can.

I was worried about washing them and other people have asked me, too. I even waited to blog until I had done the washing so I could add how it went. Again, super easy! We do laundry ALL the time at our house so it's not any different and washing stuff doesn't even phase us. Yes, you have to use "special" detergent, but there are lists online of tons of kinds you can use. I chose this one and I got it at Sprouts (it was about $16, I think) and you use 1/8th of a cup per load so it will last forever. I throw the bag, covers, and inserts all in and do a short, cold cycle with detergent. Then, a long, hot cycle with detergent. And I've gone ahead and done another quick rinse cycle (that's optional). I read that if there are still stains you just stick them outside in the sun. I was skeptical about this, but I put 3 of the inserts in the backyard today (and it's cloudy) and they were perfectly white when I got them.

I'm very excited that this is going so well. I have a pack of newborn diapers on hand in case I got overwhelmed, but haven't touched them since we started the cloth. If you are interested, feel free to ask any questions.

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