Friday, December 19, 2008

Bed Rest

I have to admit that I had a feeling this was coming, but I tried very hard to avoid it. Since the nurse at the hospital said to call Dr. Joseph on Monday with an update I did. I would never had called if it were just me, but I know that it's me and Wyatt so I followed doctor's orders. My blood pressure was high again while sitting up and Nurse Shellye (my friend and school nurse who used to work for Dr. Joseph) called him with me. We gave him the update and he said I needed to go home. I thought this meant finish the day and settle things at school and then I am done for the week.... NOPE! He meant grab your stuff, tell Stephanie, and go home now! Now, everyone reading this knows I'm a planner and I have a little control freak in me and this was soooo overwhelming. I felt like I was dumping everything on everyone that I work with. I went to my mom's and made myself a spot on her couch. Since they work at home, I like staying there so I don't feel all alone. We will see how long she lets me camp out... they say I talk a lot. I have a word limit to meet everyday... we all know this!

It's Friday now since I don't update very often. The next 2 weeks are the Holiday Break from school so I would have been off, which is nice because when I'm off and everyone's at work I have this horrible feeling like I'm playing "hookie." Guess, I should have done it more in high school... I didn't because I get this feeling. :) It's very hard to stay laying down all day! Especially when my shopping isn't done and the house is not ready for little Wyatt. But everyone has offered to help and that makes me feel good.

I also think that to help me stay down I was blessed with a cold this week, too. :) It hasn't been fun, but it did make me lay down and sleep. I'm getting over it now, so I'm hoping by tomorrow the cold will be gone!

Hotel Weekend

Last year, Chris and I got a 2-night stay from a charity auction. We hadn’t used it yet so this weekend we decided we better use it before Wyatt is here. It might be awhile before we can get away for a weekend. It ended up being the perfect weekend to get away and relax. Friday I had to leave work, because I was really swollen and my blood pressure was high. The school nurse paged Dr. Joseph and he said we would have to go in to the hospital for a few tests and to be monitored. Chris and I went and I sat hooked up to the monitor for about 3 ½ hours and they took some blood. We got to listen to Wyatt’s heartbeat the whole time and that was neat. When I sit down and I’m not doing anything my blood pressure goes back to normal and all the tests came back great, thank goodness, so we got to go home. I guess we paid a lot of money for them to tell me to lay down and relax, but I’m glad everything is okay and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, I went home and took a nap until Chris got home. Another great thing about Stephanie being in my room already…. She was able to take over and I could leave as soon as I needed to.

Then Chris and I packed and headed out. We went to Frisco Square to look at the lights and listen to the music. Then, we headed to the hotel. Our room is very nice. It was a bathtub and a shower. It’s a pretty big room, too. We ordered room service Saturday morning and lounged around until we were ready to go out. It was so nice having nothing to do, but hang out. Saturday night we went to The Melting Pot. I had never been and everyone talks about it. My mom, sister, brother-in-law, and friends, Morgan and Ashley all went. It was really fun and really good!

After dinner Chris and I went looking at lights. We were going to go to the ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord Hotel, but we would have had to walk for a hour and Chris wouldn't let me! What a good husband... Don't think that would be a good idea with the blood pressure elevated. :) Sunday, we slept in and left when we were ready. We went to the Original Pancake House off of 121 (another place everyone talks about that I had never been). It was good, too!

We had a great date weekend! We got nothing done except hanging out with each other and it was so nice!

Long Term Sub

Monday morning1st period our Science Curriculum Coordinator stopped by my classroom. She had hired someone to be my long term sub. Stephanie is great! I really like her. She just graduated from Texas Women’s University. I am very lucky, because most of the time when you have a long-term sub you get 3 days to work with the sub and show them everything. Stephanie is already hired and gets to work with me until I leave. It’s nice getting to have 2 teachers in the room! She already knows the kids names and has been working so hard. She has been teaching several class periods, which gives me time to get notes organized for her when I’m gone, take care of grading, and planning. I feel so much better knowing who will be in my class when I’m gone. I think the kids are relieved knowing who will be there, too.

Baby Shower

Sunday was my baby shower and it was absolutely perfect! It was more than I could have ever imagined. My friend Teresa picked me up and drove me to Manny’s in Frisco which is where the shower was. We had the entire place to ourselves. The games were a lot of fun… no guessing my waist size, thank goodness! When guests got to the shower we went to one smaller room and played all the guessing games, then went to the bigger room to find a seat. There was a buffet that was really good. It was probably a good thing I was a little nervous about eating since I had been sick or I might have gained 10 pounds! While we ate, the hostesses announced the winners for the games. I won the game where you had to guess how much a “baby” weighed. You couldn’t touch it and it was dressed up so you had to guess what he was stuffed with. I guessed a small watermelon and said 15 lbs and it was 16 lbs, so I won! Yay! Then we played Baby Bingo and I love Bingo. (I won one game of Bingo, too!) Oh, and we can’t forget the Cabbage Patch doll I had to dress blind-folded. I promise to be much gentler with little Wyatt. After games and eating we had cake and did gifts. Wyatt is already spoiled rotten! J He got TONS of great things. I was overwhelmed by all of the gifts we received. Thank you so much! It took more than one car to get everything home and lots of people to carry gifts out to the car! The hostesses did an amazing job and everyone kept saying what a beautiful shower it was and I agree. Thank you Irene, Morgan, and Ashley (friends from forever and our neighbors across the street growing up… my mom and Jerry still live across the street from Pete and Irene), Lisa and Dawn (my sisters), and Amanda and Lenora (friends from forever, Amanda just had a baby girl and Lenora is her mom). Lenora made a door hanger for Wyatt’s hospital door when he is born. It is so pretty (I can say pretty for boy stuff, right?). After the shower we got the gifts home and started organizing Wyatt’s room. I didn’t know where to start, so it’s a good thing I had help. All of Wyatt’s clothes are washed and hanging in his closet (I finished by Tuesday). And we got things out of boxes, so it is all ready for Wyatt to come home. I can’t wait.

Stomach Bug

I haven’t updated the blog in awhile and I have lots to update so there is going to be several posts today. Not this past week, but the week before Chris and my mom both got the stomach flu (I think I might have posted about that). Well, sure enough I got it Friday morning. I woke up early and since I knew what was going around I knew real quick that I was getting it, too. I got a sub and stayed in bed all day. It wasn’t nearly as bad as Chris or my mom’s, but I definitely don’t want to do that again. I think the flu shot that I got helped make it not as bad. And Wyatt didn’t seem to notice I was sick because his favorite time to move around is when I’m still…. so, he played all day.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wyatt got presents!

I got home late tonight since I worked late and then went out to dinner with Ashley. Chris was already in bed, because he has the stomach flu. So does my mom. I definitely don't want any of that... they both sounded and looked like they were dying. I think they are getting better now.

When I walked in the door there were 2 boxes in the living room. Of course, I had to look. I'm sure Chris has, too. Sue got Wyatt the Chicco pack and play that we (me, Chris, AND Wyatt) wanted that matches the stroller my grandparents got. I love it! I haven't opened it, but I've seen it in the store. These things are way cooler than what I remember. It's a play pen, changer, and even has a mobile with animals on top. And there's a remote control with it. Not even sure what that does yet. I can't wait to open it, but I guess I can wait for Chris to do that part. (It's late, so I haven't called you yet, Sue. I hope you aren't reading this today.)

Then the other box had 2 more presents. Madison and Mackenzie got Wyatt a wipe warmer, which I'm sure he will be glad we have. And a shopping cart seat. I think those are so neat. Especially with how dirty those carts get. It's blue and has stripes. So fun!

This week has gone by pretty fast. No doctor's appointment. Wyatt has been moving around a lot. My belly is huge and I have a feeling it's getting bigger as I type! I'm tired of working because I'm tired of finding work clothes to wear. This is the drama of every morning. My kids at school are ready for the break and so am I. Yesterday, we did a chemistry lab and used the sinks a lot. Well, apparently there's a clog or blockage (whatever) in the pipes that go to the sewer for the science lab, which is my room by the way. As the day went on there was this smell that got worse and worse and worse. Remember, I can smell a skunk from 5 miles away right now. We searched for the smell. Then we noticed that the emergency shower drains had puddles of water (sewer water) coming up from them. Today, the maintenance guys have been in my room all day. It does smell a lot better, but it's not fixed yet. Roto-rooter is coming out tomorrow. Geeez! What a week. My principal did offer to let me use another room, but if you've ever taught you know that it's almost better to smell a little stink that deal with all that (and the smell was better today).

Okay, that's almost enough rambling for tonight. I should be in bed. One more thing. If you know me well at all, you know I LOVE Britney Spears. I've been a loyal fan throughout all her "bumps" (let's just go with that) in the road. Anyways, I am pretty sure that my first outing after being a mommy will have to be to her concert that she's doing. :) Yup, pretty sure!!! Anyone wanna go?


Thursday, November 27, 2008

31 Week Appointment

We went back to the doctor Tuesday. It was a boring appointment, which I now appreciate. My blood pressure was back down... woohoo! That was about it. I think we were there for less than 15 minutes.

We also had our last baby class Tuesday night. I enjoyed the class and I'm glad we went. It was just a long 3 hour class after working all day. Now, we'll see if I remember anything I learned. We talked about c-sections. The other 3 classes focused on natural and medicated births. I really really don't want a c-section, but I also know that sometimes you just don't get a choice. So, I better stop trying to be the planner that I am. We don't want to set up any meltdowns at the hospital when or if things don't go my way. I don't know why it scares me so much. Most of my friends that I talk to have had c-sections and all they have to say if positive stuff.

Other than this things are about the same. We've been busy and it's been very nice being off this week. I've gotten lots of laundry done! Woohoo. Look at the ticker.... we are getting sooooo close. Time to start betting on the day Wyatt will be here. :)

At least we got some cute pics!

Chris and I went to the Tech vs. OU game last weekend with Tyson and Allison. Allison and I were sorority sisters at Tech and they live in Dallas, too, so we get to see them often. The drive there was fun. Waiting for the game and hanging out was fun. I wish I could say the same about the game, buuuuttt that's another story. I don't know what happened to our Red Raiders. :( Since I'm still completely bummed about the game I'll just leave it at... we left at halftime and it was a fairly quiet ride home. However, we did get some cute pictures before the game and we had a blast hanging out with Tyson and Allison. (The pictures will be coming soon.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kicking my Feet Up

We went to the doctor last Thursday. It was our first appointment for having to go every other week. That makes it seem so close. My blood pressure has been creeping up there, which they take very seriously. Dr. Joseph told me that I have to reduce as much stress as possible, keep drinking lots of water, and I cannot stand up and teach anymore. If you have ever taught then you know this is tough! Especially teaching in a huge lab room. I got really scared that I'm headed toward bed rest so I took everything he said very seriously. I want Wyatt to be healthy and we can't afford for me not to work.

Luckily, I work with amazing people. I told Beth and Lauren (2 other science teachers) that morning on my way to school how the appointment went. Before I knew it, our principal and everyone knew what the doctor had told me. They all made sure that I had a good chair and come and check on me to make sure I'm sitting. I also told my kids that I had to sit and I would need their help. What I meant by this was please do what you know to do and act like you know you are supposed to. I have a little control freak in me and sitting and teaching with 2o-something kids in the room is difficult. I'm sure that's a control thing. :) My kids are awesome and they have been great. Just like drinking my water, they remind me to sit down. Today, we did a lab and I rolled around in my rolly chair back and forth to all the lab tables. It went really well. The kids even made sure to keep their things out of the way so I good roll back and forth. Yes, this is a sight to see, but apparently it's working. I go to the nurse 2 times a day and for the past two days my blood pressure has been back to normal. That makes me so happy! It's crazy how fast it got better just by sitting down more.

Now, I am really looking forward to the Thanksgiving Break. I'm off ALL next week. Woohoo!!!

Baby Class (aka Old School Lamaze)

So, we have been to 3 of our 4 Baby Classes so far. I like to call it Baby Class, because Lamaze sounds so old. :) We go on Tuesdays and it's from 6:30-9:30. That's a LONG time on a good day, but after working all day and being huge and pregnant... it's a long time to sit and listen. But I do like it. Chris... not so much. :) He's being a good husband though and he even participates. Last night we got to go on the tour of the hospital. This was what I was looking forward to the most. And the videos, which Chris does not watch at all. I am weird and I like them, but that must be part of the science teacher in me. I want to know what happens, how, and when, and I want to see the pictures. However, not when it's me and to set the record there will not be any photography going on in my room. So, back to the tour. The nurses are very nice. The rooms are great. Allen Presby is called a "Baby Friendly" hospital, so you get a room and it's where you will stay the whole time. It has the nice bed, TV, and all that fun stuff. We'll see if I notice any of that when I'm hurting. It's a fairly big room and you get your own. There's even a chair that turns into a bed for Chris. The nursery is empty because the babies stay in the room with Mom and Dad the entire time. The sinks are even made special to bathe the baby in. Of course, they have everything they need in the nursery in case Wyatt needed anything special, but they try to do everything in the room. AND, I saved the best for last. One room (room number LDRP7 to be exact) has a nice huge jacuzzi tub that makes the room look like a honeymoon suite! We are asking for that room as soon as we get there. I hope it's a slow day/night. On all the videos they show us in class people are getting in the tub for a little bit during labor and I told Chris, "no way... I'm not getting in a tub with nurses coming in to check on me." Well, I changed my mind after I saw how nice it looked. I hope I get that room. No, I'm not delivering in the tub. I just want to hang out in there for a little bit. Now, we will see if I care when it comes down to it. I just need to break the news to Chris that the tub is for the Mommy's not the Daddy's, because I think he thinks it's for him. Well, I didn't mean to write a novel, but I'm so excited and being in the labor and delivery rooms and everything makes me so excited. Only 10 weeks to go!!!

The 1st of Many Loads of Laundry!

I washed all the clothes that Wyatt has this weekend. He's got a bunch already. They are all so cute! I can't wait to play dress-up... we'll see what Chris thinks of me calling it "dress-up." Thank you to everyone who has gotten Wyatt all these clothes!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Science Geek Trip

I got to miss school Thursday and Friday this week. For some reason it's as exciting to miss school as it was when I was in school. Even though love my job AND it takes hours to prepare just to have a sub for 2 days... I still look forward to it. Anyways, the CAST conference for Science teachers was this week in Fort Worth. Beth, MJ (Jennifer), Chad, Andrew, and Jay all went, too. They are other Science teachers at Griffin. We had a lot of fun. So, this makes the baby blog because we walked all over downtown Fort Worth for 2 days. You should see my feet! Yuck! They are huge and swollen. I'll spare you and not put pictures of this on the blog. :) Even with swollen feet I managed to play pool, which by the way Chad and I won 2 games of. Not on my account! haha

It is 28 weeks now and I can hardly believe how soon Wyatt will be here. He has been moving a lot. He's been a busy little boy. Not sure what he's doing in there, but I assume he'll be an active kiddo! It's been so neat. The girls were able to feel him move all weekend. MJ has twin boys and Beth has two girls so they were able to feel Wyatt and tell me where they thought he was and all that. I know I feel him, but it's hard for me to tell exactly how he's sitting.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Building My Pain Tolerance!

The pictures don't do this boo-boo justice. I'm apparently having a little coordination problems. Last night, I had a little accident shaving. My finger got too close to the razor and I took off a chunk of my figure nail and finger (yup, I cut so deep through the finger nail that the pink you are seeing is the finger under the nail). I couldn't even look at it when it happened. I sure felt it though and I was scared to death to even look. I had no idea what to expect. I grabbed a towel and went and got Chris. Glad he was home, because I might have had to call 911. I'm sure he thought I had severed a finger and at this point, I wasn't quite sure what I had done. He looked at it and tried to calm me down. Now, I have a bleeding finger with a chunk taken out of the nail so who knows what you do for that. Chris called my mom, as I instructed because that's who I like to call when I'm hurt. :) He doctored me up with ice and we kept it elevated. When my mom got here she brought the band-aids. I'm sure that soon we will start having band-aids in stock, but two 25 year olds don't seem to need band-aids too often... well, I better knock on wood. Anyways, we got it all taken care of. I am not letting any water get on it, because that HURTS. Now, as I said, the pictures don't quite do this justice, because it was one of the most painful things I've ever done to myself. And gross. And to make it worse, it was one of my favorite nails. Yes! I have favorites. This is definately enough drama for awhile.

Special Delivery

This weekend we got a package in the mail from Sue. It was full of stuff for Wyatt. And Sue knows Chris... she put a note inside that said "Do not open without AmyJo." If that wasn't in there he would have opened it and I probably never would have seen it. It had lots of cute clothes for Wyatt, toys, and books. Some of the books were Chris's old books and I am pretty sure he's been reading them again. There were also some kid plates for when Wyatt can eat off of a plate. I love getting packages! We had fun going through it all and thinking about how Wyatt will be using all of those things soon.

Glucose Test Appointment

We went to the doctor again last Thursday. I thought it was going to be more exciting than it was... again. :) I think I should be thankful that my appointments are uneventful. I knew I had to drink a special drink (it tasted like bad Kool-Aid, but nothing that was going to make me sick). Then they told me last time that I would have to wait an hour and during that time I could go pre-register at the hospital downstairs. I asked my mom to come with me and Chris because I thought it would be fun. So we all went. Well, all that ended up meaning was we got to fill out a piece of paper with the same old information that goes on every patient paper, so it wasn't all I had expected. At the same time, I don't know what I expected. But we did all have fun. We went to the gift shop while we waited and Wyatt got a "boo-boo bunny." Then I went back up to the doctor and she poked my finger and checked the glucose. Everything was good. I need to eat more iron, and I've already been on top of that. No problem because I love veggies. I just can't take my pre-natals because they make me so sick... FAST. I do take Princess gummies, which by the way, I look forward to everyday. They just don't have iron in them. Anyways, all together things are going great. We are getting so close! Now, we go to the doctor every 2 weeks. Oh and since I had to go to this appointment in the morning I had to take a 1/2 day from work. So, we had time to go to Ihop before I went to school. Teachers get very excited about getting to have lunch out and have more than 20 minutes to eat! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Baby Bump!

Here you go, Sue (Chris's mom). This is just for you. :) I hate it... but since you asked for it... here it is. I am loving being pregnant, but I wouldn't say I love how many changes I get to see happening by the hour. The belly is fine, but who knew your face and feet get bigger, too.

I don't get to get on here very much, but I wanted to send a quick update. When I looked at the ticker I noticed how close we are getting. Wow! Time is flying by... I can hardly believe it! I'm so excited to meet Wyatt. Sunday Chris and I were just hanging around the house and both of us started talking about how neat it will be when Wyatt is here. We just wanted to be playing with him.

Birthday for Mommy

Sunday was my birthday and I have to show you all what Chris got me. He started a "Mommy" charm bracelet for me and it has little booties on it. The bottom of the booties are big enough to have Wyatt's name engraved on one and his birthday on the other. I love it! He did a good job... didn't he!?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wyatt's Kicking Daddy

Chris finally got to feel Wyatt kicking last night. I've been feeling him a lot more lately... mostly at night or when I'm sitting still. So last night I told Chris to just lay there with his hands on my tummy. Sure enough, Wyatt was practicing his karate kicks and Chris could feel it. Chris was so excited! He asks me everyday if I can feel Wyatt. I know he's been jealous because he couldn't feel it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fair Day

Yesterday, my mom, Ashley, and I went to the fair. I have never been to the State Fair and I really wanted to go this year. We did a fair taste test on all kinds of weird stuff, but Wyatt and I liked the corny dog the best (and we didn't share this with anyone... we had our own)! It was fun. We took the Dart tram (or whatever they call it) almost the whole way there. My mom had never been on it. It was very convenient. I could sit on the Dart all day and people watch! However, since I've been pregnant little things that never bothered me now scare me. Like some of the crazies on the bus. I guess it's just the mommy feeling I have. The rides are my favorite part of fairs, and I was sad that I couldn't ride the rides. Not even the big slide... my mom said I was crazy for even asking her if I could go down the big slide. I think that's way safer than driving a car and they let me do that, but whatever. I'll just wait til Wyatt gets big enough to race me down the big slide one day. We did play lots of games though. Ashley and I won little stuffed ducks throwing darts at balloons and my mom won a little Nemo fish playing something else. Then Ashley and I were too lazy to carry the ducks, so we gave them to 2 little girls. Now, of course, we know my mom and she can't go anywhere without thinking Wyatt needs something so he got a gift, too. He now has his first puzzle to play with that is his name.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daddy's Favorite

Jerry and I went out to run errands today. While he went to get a haircut, I walked over to Heart's Desire, a little cutesy store in Frisco. He met me over there and when he saw this he just had to get it for Wyatt or Chris... I'm not sure which one. I think it might officially be Chris's favorite outfit.

I bet you've noticed that I finally figured out how to upload pictures to the blog. It really is easy! I'll keep everyone updated with pictures now. Yay! Aunt Lisa (my sister) and Uncle Jeff gave me a new digital camera so I'm all set.

A Little Bit of Red Raider Brainwashing

We are going to have a little Red Raider fan! Here's Wyatt's Tech gear. The booties are from Mommy, the hat and white blankie are from Aunt Ashley, the red blankie is from Jerry (still waiting to hear what he wants to be called), and the Tech 101 book is from Grammy. I love it!

Added pictures of the nursery...

Scroll down. I added 2 pictures of the nursery, as promised. I figured out how to do it! Yay!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oooh, now I get it...

I finally understand what they meant when they said your hormones get out of whack when you're pregnant. I was doing so good! Now, I'll cry at just about anything... can't find something to wear... tears, something's not where I left it (or thought I left it)... tears, and it goes on and on. I think the worst part is that I realize how ridiculous it is, but I can't stop them sometimes. Thank God Chris hasn't left me yet. He's actually very sweet about it all. He usually says, "Just go to bed." And I have been. Sometimes I'm in bed by 8.

And about that flu shot. I guess it's been a long time since I've had a shot in my arm. I know I've had lots of blood drawn. Well, my arm hurts. It's not anything too bad... I just don't remember having such a sore arm from one little shot. It also made a lump. Apparently, Chris tells me now that you are supposed to rub them afterwards so you don't get a lump. Who knew? And I'm definitely not rubbing it now that it's sore. If you are laughing because I'm complaining about this and I'm about to have a BABY.... I guess we are both realizing I better toughen up. Hahaha.

I just wanted to say "hello" tonight, but I didn't have much to say. Some of you know my friend Tiffany. She's in Switzerland for a year being a nanny and I promised to keep her up to date on everything with this blog. Now, that she has one and she updates almost everyday I guess I need to post a little more than I have been. :) So, there you go Aunt Tiffany.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flu Shot!

I went to the doctor today. It was not a very exciting visit, but I did get my flu shot. I'm glad, because all the kiddos at school are starting to get sick and I don't want any part of that.

I did learn a good lesson though. I have to leave school early to get to the doctor on time. Well, I waited too long and got stuck in the car pool lane. Wow, what a mess!!! I had to wait 5 minutes just to back out of my parking spot, then waited about 15 min, because parents "park" in every lane to wait on their kids. I had to meet Chris at the appointment and they waited on me. What a day!

We have a nursery!

My friend Teresa and I decided to have a little adventure on Saturday while Chris was gone hunting for the weekend. I had planned on painting Wyatt's nursery, but I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily, Teresa just painted her whole house a few weeks ago and she knew what we were doing. So, after I went to her house to get all her leftover supplies that she let me have we went to Lowes to get the paint. I brought something with us so we could do the color match thing that Lowes does. The guy said he couldn't promise the color would be exact, but that it would be close. So, I said "Okay, just don't make it purple or my husband will kill me." We got our paint and came home. Then, we decided to go have dinner at Cotton Patch. When we got home, we got all set to paint. I put a few spots on the wall (thank goodness Teresa said to do this first) and realized that it was a blue-ish purple color. And all I could see was purple! So, we headed back to Lowes for round 2 with several more things that are going in the nursery to match the color to. This time we looked at the little color sample papers and picked out our own color. We got home and by now it was close to 9. The color was perfect! My mom, Morgan, and Ashley came over to "help" paint. Actually, I invited them over to hang out and watch but we recruited them as the Paint Crew. My mom decided that we needed another gallon of paint (and she was right), so Morgan and I rushed to Lowes (round 3 for me) and got the paint before they closed. We had so much fun! Well, I did and I hope they did, too. We painted (with a few little breaks) until 1:30 am. The nursery looks amazing and I love it. I can't wait for Wyatt to see it!

I couldn't wait to show Chris when he got home the next day... he really liked it. Of course, I couldn't wait to set up the crib and dresser. Jeff (Chris' dad) helped him carry the boxes in Sunday night. Then, Chris and I built the crib together. We are pretty darn good at crib building. :) We set the dresser up and pulled out some of Wyatt's bedding (we are still waiting for some of it to come in). The room looks like a nursery! We go in there all the time just to look at it. I'll be posting pictures of what we have so far this week. I was so excited that I called my mom, Jacob, and grandparents at 10 pm on Sunday and had them all come look at it.

Jerry (my stepdad) found out that my mom had gotten the furniture when he was not in town so he decided he wanted to get Wyatt something just from him that he would have for a long time. So, earlier that day Jerry met us at the baby store and bought us a nightstand and the hutch to go on the dresser. They are so pretty. I can't wait to get them, but they won't be here until Nov 28th. And the neat thing about the night stand is that when we put the changing table pad on it, it was a perfect height to use as the changing table. I'm very excited about this!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's a...

BOY!!! Yay! We are so excited! Little Wyatt Reid is the cutest baby ever (that makes me one of "those mommy's" too, I guess). We were able to see great pictures on the sonogram. The nurse that does these at Dr. Joseph's office is great. She took lots of time showing us Wyatt. We have several profile, feet, and arm pictures. And of course, "The Picture" that made Chris' day. :) It truly was amazing watching him move around. He sure does move a lot. My favorite was when the nurse kept the sonogram thing (whatever it's called) still and we could watch Wyatt move around. We feel so blessed! Can't wait to meet you, Wyatt.

Don't worry, the bedding is picked out and Wyatt will have turtles, NOT cammo. I took care of this a long time ago. I know my husband. :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Fortune

Lori called us the other day to tell us a cute story. She and Sarah (7) went to have Chinese food together. Sarah's fortune said "A new relationship is about to blossom. You will be blessed." She said, "Chris and AmyJo's baby!" How cute is that. I think it's really neat that they always think of Baby. I think they are excited! When I see Sarah and Garrett, they always ask about the baby and make sure Baby is okay. And, of course, try to guess if Baby is a boy or girl.

Family Fun

Yesterday, I spent the day at Nana and Papa's making a chocolate pie for Michelle's (my stepmom) birthday. It was fun. I don't bake much and that went to show when I burned the entire side of my arm putting the pie in the oven. haha

Then, my mom, Jerry (my stepdad), Dad, Michelle, Lisa (sister), Jeff, and grandparents all went to my mom and Jerry's for dinner and poker. Yes, ALL my parents were in the same room! haha I love it! We all do things together and are one big family. All our parents just got back from Vegas together, which is why we had a learning poker night. I'm not too good, but it was fun trying to learn.

While they were in Vegas, Baby got a surprise. They all went to see David Copperfield and brought Baby home David Copperfield's stuffed animal duck, Webster. It's cute! Chris and I (and Lisa and Jeff) got a neat crystal cube that has Dad, Michelle, Mom, and Jerry's picture etched into it. You set it on a little light and it lights up. It's really neat! I'm sure Baby will love to look at that when he/she's old enough.

I'm off today for Labor Day. My feet needed the break! Chris is out trying to shoot poor little birds with his buddy and I'm going to get a prenatal massage later today. Can't wait! This is definitely a necessity. :)

Tomorrow is the day! If Baby cooperates we will find out if we're having a boy or girl and we can't hardly wait. Then I can say a name and stop having to find ways around using the "it" word. I try sooo hard not to call Baby an "it," but it gets really hard. I will definitely update!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daddy Prepares for Diaper Duty

This is about the cutest, sweetest story ever!

So, I got invited to go out to dinner with some friends and my grandparents tonight for dinner, but Chris and I had tons of stuff to do around the house. He knew I wanted to go so he said he'd get everything done and for me to go to dinner. (Not, even the best part yet.)

On my way home, I called to see how things were coming along. He said he was playing with a pack of newborn diapers that I gave him for Father's Day. I, of course, said what do you mean? He said he was practicing. He wanted me to check it when I got home, because he didn't think it looked right (he thought the holes for the legs were too small). How cute is that?! I know he's excited, but he's even practicing with the diapers and I didn't have to drag him to a class!

When I got home the little bitty baby diaper was in Baby's room all put together. He did do it all perfectly. The holes for the legs were fine, too. Gotta love an excited Daddy! I do!!!

Back to School

School has started and I'm glad to be back! I love having a schedule and now that I'm not sick anymore things have been great. I am tired, but I've been getting plenty of sleep. The only thing that's killing me are me darn shoes!!! My feet have been soooo sore and swollen (yuck!).

I love my new kiddos and I love the people I'm working with. I told my kids that I'll be having a baby in January and they were excited. They want to know how long I'll be gone and if I'll come back. I've been sad that I'll have to leave Baby and go back to work, but I also know that my school kiddos wanted to make sure that I'd be back before the end of the year. That made me feel good, even though I'll be really sad.

This is going to be a great year and I'm excited!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby Furniture

Last weekend, Chris and I went out looking for baby furniture ideas. My mom met us a store in Frisco when we had ideas of what we liked. She's been excited about getting Baby a crib since the day we told her she's going to be a grandma. We finally decided on a crib and a dresser that we all liked. It is perfect! The crib is beautiful and it turns into a toddler bed, and then a full size big-kid bed. Who knew a crib could do all that!?!?

Yesterday my mom and I went and ordered the furniture and the safest baby mattress we could find. Maybe Baby will like the crib so much that he/she will want to sleep all night in it without waking up. hahahahaha

As soon as we get the room ready for the furniture, we are going to pick it all up and it will be waiting for Baby.

Thanks Grammy for the crib and dresser!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting Back to "Normal" for Awhile

Yay! The headaches are getting better. Fruits and veggies are starting to sound good again. And I'm able to workout again. These things make me feel much more "normal." I've started going to water aerobics sice it's too hot to do anything else. I love it! It really is a good workout and it's hilarious how silly we look. I have started getting stuff ready for school - can't believe Summer is almost over. I am excited to meet my new kiddos. I know the first semester will fly by and before we know it Baby Jeans will be here.

Right now, the Big Day is September 2nd. We are going to find out if we are having a boy or girl. Woohoo! I can't wait. Today's doctor's appointment was pretty boring. Funny how when they aren't taking blood it becomes "boring." I guess I mean less eventful. Except we did get to hear the heartbeat and that's always amazing.

The last two nights I've woken up around 4:30 in the morning thinking I'm starving. Yikes! I told my friend Ashley this morning that I'm weird and I didn't know what was going on. Thank goodness for Baby Center, because I got my 15 week update tonight and one of the articles on there was about this happening. So, I guess I'm normal and I'll have to be prepared for this, because I do not think that eating at 4 in the morning needs to become a habit. Haha

Let's see how long "normal" lasts.

Friday, July 11, 2008

11 Week Check-up

Our 11-week appointment went really well. Baby is good and Dr. Joseph talked to me about the migraines. He said that Baby is fine even though I don't feel well and told me to take the medicine the hospital gave me as soon as I need it. We got to listen to Baby's heart beat with the Doppler. That little heart beat is so fast and I still love to listen to it. They drew a bunch of blood to check all the things that the State makes doctors check and that was about it. It was a pretty quick and easy appointment. I can't wait until we get to do another sonogram... those are my favorite!

I really love my doctor, the nurses, and the hospital!!!


Hmmm... I was pretty prepared for "morning sickness," but I never knew headaches and migraines were a part of this deal. I've been getting these for weeks now. I've talked to my doctor and the nurses about this several times and they say it's just from all the hormones. I've also heard this means it's a girl... we'll see. Some people experience this and others don't. I haven't been able to do much, because my head always hurts so bad. This is where I get to brag on Chris. :) He is amazing! He checks on me throughout the day and as soon as he gets home he takes care of me.

Now, I'll admit I don't have the highest pain tolerance, but these migraines can get really bad. Last Sunday one started and by Monday afternoon it was just getting worse. I had been calling my mom and Chris all day letting them know that it wasn't getting better. My doctor called in a prescription for me to take that would stop the nausea and hopefully make me fall asleep. It did, but then when I woke up it was even worse. Now, this is how we know it's bad... the season finale of the Bachelorette was on and I couldn't even watch it! (That's how I rate my pain scale.) So Chris drove me to Allen Presby where my mom and my friend, Ashley, met us. My doctor said earlier that day that if it still didn't get better, I could go get a shot. We got there at about 9:45. Finally, they gave me the shot and it was almost instant... I finally felt better. We left there at about 3:30 am! I'm not sure about everyone else, but to me it was soooo worth the wait. They also gave me a different prescription for the pain that I can take before the headaches turn into migraines.

Now that I felt better, I was hungry. So, my mom, Ashley, and I went on an adventure to Waffle House. If you've ever been to a Waffle House at 3:30 in the morning, you'll understand why this was an adventure. We ate quickly and made it out safely...

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

Last weekend, Lori took me shopping so that I would stop stressing about not having things to wear. I feel like this is an awkward stage in pregnancy... most of my clothes still fit, but they are starting to be uncomfortable. I don't think I look pregnant, but I definitely feel like I'm getting bigger. We found some cute things that have lots of room to grow in! Thank goodness that the "flowy and long" shirts are in style right now.

Last night, my mom took me shopping, too. I got a few more things that should last til baby gets here. I really love Target's maternity section! They have lots of cute stuff!

Thanks Lori and Mom for the new stuff!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day to Chris. We've seen this beautiful little baby with a heart beat and I know a little life has began so I believe Chris is a Daddy already. I just hope he realizes parenting will get a little harder. :) I even gave him a little present. A nice pack of diapers. It's his present, because they are not for Baby. This pack is for Chris to get practicing with. I'm going to make sure he's a pro before January.

We had a nice cookout with all of our family this past weekend. It was so nice to have everyone together. We have good paths to follow in the parenting department.

Our Little Gummy Bear - 2nd Sonogram

Chris and I went back to the doctor today for our second sonogram. Baby is growing every day and is finally big enough to be measured. (S)he is 15 mm long! We got to listen and watch the little heart beat, which was the most amazing sound ever. Chris kept asking for the nurse to play it again for us. I got a little picture frame to hold the sonogram pictures yesterday. We love to show them off!

Let's see... what else has been going on since my last update. Chris is getting good at being "on-call." He can get a bucket pretty fast and even pull over fast while driving for those little surprises that obviously a man called "morning" sickness. I've decided that pregnant women should just live in a bubble. I don't know why I ask if I can do anything anymore, because I know the safe answer that everyone usually gives me is going to be "no." Can I workout like I was? No. Can I eat this? No. How about... No. I found out today, that I can't even get a prenatal massage until 12 weeks. hmmm... I'm not complaining at all, I promise. It's just all those little things I never knew. I'm following all the doctor's orders though (and of course, all the grandma's orders too). Our next appointment is in 3 weeks. I'll keep everyone updated. That might be about the time I should let Chris post. He might not be feeling as sympathetic for me then... my mom says as soon as I start feeling better, I won't be very nice. We'll see... I'm working on proving her wrong. I'm sure Chris is hoping I do.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Love at First Sight - 1st Sonogram!

Well, yesterday Chris and I got to go see Baby for the first time. Let me tell you, (s)he's the most beautiful little blob I've ever seen. Yes, I'm going to be one of those moms! :) We saw a little bitty heart beat and that was so amazing. Can you believe what they can do with technology?! It's always reassuring to go see Dr. Joseph. It just makes me feel better. I'm learning that I'm not in control and trying not to worry too much (that's tough for me). God has a wonderful plan!

P.S. I wish I had a camera to catch a picture of a proud Daddy-to-be! Priceless!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're Having a Baby!

I can't believe it! I knew something was up after I tried to go for a run with my Team in Training teammates and ended up walking behind, because I was so drained. Then the next day, I went on a long bike ride with my friend, Teresa. Chris had to come pick us up, because I thought I was dying and just the thought of pedaling anymore made me want to throw up. So, the next day I decided to check before I headed out for a Memorial Day 10k I was signed up for. It was positive, finally. That was the best feeling I've ever felt. I woke Chris up so fast he didn't know what was going on, but he knew I was crying and shaking (actually, he thought I was late for something since I've been known to get a little frantic for that reason too). I handed him the baby gift bag, I had been saving for this moment. I had forgotten to put the surprise in the bag, so I had to run to the guest room to get it. He, of course, followed (he still has no clue what's going on and never looked at the bag). I pulled out a onesie that said, "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" on it. He got it then! The look in his eyes gave me the 2nd best feeling I've ever felt. We got dressed as quick as we could and headed out to tell our family. This was the best day of my life!!!

Now, I've decided that I get to be one of those proud mommy-to-be's that blogs to share the great news. I hope you will visit often to share our joy with us.

Quick Update:
Of course, dates may change as we hear more from the doctor and they poke and prod at me a few more times (I've never had so many blood tests as I've had in the last few weeks and I'm sure there's plenty more to come), but I believe we are between 5 and 6 weeks along. By the time you get this blog it will probably be more than that. Tomorrow we go in for the first sonogram and I can't wait to hear a little heartbeat.

Thanks for reading. I plan on making the rest of my entries much shorter.... we'll see. :)