Friday, December 19, 2008

Bed Rest

I have to admit that I had a feeling this was coming, but I tried very hard to avoid it. Since the nurse at the hospital said to call Dr. Joseph on Monday with an update I did. I would never had called if it were just me, but I know that it's me and Wyatt so I followed doctor's orders. My blood pressure was high again while sitting up and Nurse Shellye (my friend and school nurse who used to work for Dr. Joseph) called him with me. We gave him the update and he said I needed to go home. I thought this meant finish the day and settle things at school and then I am done for the week.... NOPE! He meant grab your stuff, tell Stephanie, and go home now! Now, everyone reading this knows I'm a planner and I have a little control freak in me and this was soooo overwhelming. I felt like I was dumping everything on everyone that I work with. I went to my mom's and made myself a spot on her couch. Since they work at home, I like staying there so I don't feel all alone. We will see how long she lets me camp out... they say I talk a lot. I have a word limit to meet everyday... we all know this!

It's Friday now since I don't update very often. The next 2 weeks are the Holiday Break from school so I would have been off, which is nice because when I'm off and everyone's at work I have this horrible feeling like I'm playing "hookie." Guess, I should have done it more in high school... I didn't because I get this feeling. :) It's very hard to stay laying down all day! Especially when my shopping isn't done and the house is not ready for little Wyatt. But everyone has offered to help and that makes me feel good.

I also think that to help me stay down I was blessed with a cold this week, too. :) It hasn't been fun, but it did make me lay down and sleep. I'm getting over it now, so I'm hoping by tomorrow the cold will be gone!

Hotel Weekend

Last year, Chris and I got a 2-night stay from a charity auction. We hadn’t used it yet so this weekend we decided we better use it before Wyatt is here. It might be awhile before we can get away for a weekend. It ended up being the perfect weekend to get away and relax. Friday I had to leave work, because I was really swollen and my blood pressure was high. The school nurse paged Dr. Joseph and he said we would have to go in to the hospital for a few tests and to be monitored. Chris and I went and I sat hooked up to the monitor for about 3 ½ hours and they took some blood. We got to listen to Wyatt’s heartbeat the whole time and that was neat. When I sit down and I’m not doing anything my blood pressure goes back to normal and all the tests came back great, thank goodness, so we got to go home. I guess we paid a lot of money for them to tell me to lay down and relax, but I’m glad everything is okay and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, I went home and took a nap until Chris got home. Another great thing about Stephanie being in my room already…. She was able to take over and I could leave as soon as I needed to.

Then Chris and I packed and headed out. We went to Frisco Square to look at the lights and listen to the music. Then, we headed to the hotel. Our room is very nice. It was a bathtub and a shower. It’s a pretty big room, too. We ordered room service Saturday morning and lounged around until we were ready to go out. It was so nice having nothing to do, but hang out. Saturday night we went to The Melting Pot. I had never been and everyone talks about it. My mom, sister, brother-in-law, and friends, Morgan and Ashley all went. It was really fun and really good!

After dinner Chris and I went looking at lights. We were going to go to the ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord Hotel, but we would have had to walk for a hour and Chris wouldn't let me! What a good husband... Don't think that would be a good idea with the blood pressure elevated. :) Sunday, we slept in and left when we were ready. We went to the Original Pancake House off of 121 (another place everyone talks about that I had never been). It was good, too!

We had a great date weekend! We got nothing done except hanging out with each other and it was so nice!

Long Term Sub

Monday morning1st period our Science Curriculum Coordinator stopped by my classroom. She had hired someone to be my long term sub. Stephanie is great! I really like her. She just graduated from Texas Women’s University. I am very lucky, because most of the time when you have a long-term sub you get 3 days to work with the sub and show them everything. Stephanie is already hired and gets to work with me until I leave. It’s nice getting to have 2 teachers in the room! She already knows the kids names and has been working so hard. She has been teaching several class periods, which gives me time to get notes organized for her when I’m gone, take care of grading, and planning. I feel so much better knowing who will be in my class when I’m gone. I think the kids are relieved knowing who will be there, too.

Baby Shower

Sunday was my baby shower and it was absolutely perfect! It was more than I could have ever imagined. My friend Teresa picked me up and drove me to Manny’s in Frisco which is where the shower was. We had the entire place to ourselves. The games were a lot of fun… no guessing my waist size, thank goodness! When guests got to the shower we went to one smaller room and played all the guessing games, then went to the bigger room to find a seat. There was a buffet that was really good. It was probably a good thing I was a little nervous about eating since I had been sick or I might have gained 10 pounds! While we ate, the hostesses announced the winners for the games. I won the game where you had to guess how much a “baby” weighed. You couldn’t touch it and it was dressed up so you had to guess what he was stuffed with. I guessed a small watermelon and said 15 lbs and it was 16 lbs, so I won! Yay! Then we played Baby Bingo and I love Bingo. (I won one game of Bingo, too!) Oh, and we can’t forget the Cabbage Patch doll I had to dress blind-folded. I promise to be much gentler with little Wyatt. After games and eating we had cake and did gifts. Wyatt is already spoiled rotten! J He got TONS of great things. I was overwhelmed by all of the gifts we received. Thank you so much! It took more than one car to get everything home and lots of people to carry gifts out to the car! The hostesses did an amazing job and everyone kept saying what a beautiful shower it was and I agree. Thank you Irene, Morgan, and Ashley (friends from forever and our neighbors across the street growing up… my mom and Jerry still live across the street from Pete and Irene), Lisa and Dawn (my sisters), and Amanda and Lenora (friends from forever, Amanda just had a baby girl and Lenora is her mom). Lenora made a door hanger for Wyatt’s hospital door when he is born. It is so pretty (I can say pretty for boy stuff, right?). After the shower we got the gifts home and started organizing Wyatt’s room. I didn’t know where to start, so it’s a good thing I had help. All of Wyatt’s clothes are washed and hanging in his closet (I finished by Tuesday). And we got things out of boxes, so it is all ready for Wyatt to come home. I can’t wait.

Stomach Bug

I haven’t updated the blog in awhile and I have lots to update so there is going to be several posts today. Not this past week, but the week before Chris and my mom both got the stomach flu (I think I might have posted about that). Well, sure enough I got it Friday morning. I woke up early and since I knew what was going around I knew real quick that I was getting it, too. I got a sub and stayed in bed all day. It wasn’t nearly as bad as Chris or my mom’s, but I definitely don’t want to do that again. I think the flu shot that I got helped make it not as bad. And Wyatt didn’t seem to notice I was sick because his favorite time to move around is when I’m still…. so, he played all day.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wyatt got presents!

I got home late tonight since I worked late and then went out to dinner with Ashley. Chris was already in bed, because he has the stomach flu. So does my mom. I definitely don't want any of that... they both sounded and looked like they were dying. I think they are getting better now.

When I walked in the door there were 2 boxes in the living room. Of course, I had to look. I'm sure Chris has, too. Sue got Wyatt the Chicco pack and play that we (me, Chris, AND Wyatt) wanted that matches the stroller my grandparents got. I love it! I haven't opened it, but I've seen it in the store. These things are way cooler than what I remember. It's a play pen, changer, and even has a mobile with animals on top. And there's a remote control with it. Not even sure what that does yet. I can't wait to open it, but I guess I can wait for Chris to do that part. (It's late, so I haven't called you yet, Sue. I hope you aren't reading this today.)

Then the other box had 2 more presents. Madison and Mackenzie got Wyatt a wipe warmer, which I'm sure he will be glad we have. And a shopping cart seat. I think those are so neat. Especially with how dirty those carts get. It's blue and has stripes. So fun!

This week has gone by pretty fast. No doctor's appointment. Wyatt has been moving around a lot. My belly is huge and I have a feeling it's getting bigger as I type! I'm tired of working because I'm tired of finding work clothes to wear. This is the drama of every morning. My kids at school are ready for the break and so am I. Yesterday, we did a chemistry lab and used the sinks a lot. Well, apparently there's a clog or blockage (whatever) in the pipes that go to the sewer for the science lab, which is my room by the way. As the day went on there was this smell that got worse and worse and worse. Remember, I can smell a skunk from 5 miles away right now. We searched for the smell. Then we noticed that the emergency shower drains had puddles of water (sewer water) coming up from them. Today, the maintenance guys have been in my room all day. It does smell a lot better, but it's not fixed yet. Roto-rooter is coming out tomorrow. Geeez! What a week. My principal did offer to let me use another room, but if you've ever taught you know that it's almost better to smell a little stink that deal with all that (and the smell was better today).

Okay, that's almost enough rambling for tonight. I should be in bed. One more thing. If you know me well at all, you know I LOVE Britney Spears. I've been a loyal fan throughout all her "bumps" (let's just go with that) in the road. Anyways, I am pretty sure that my first outing after being a mommy will have to be to her concert that she's doing. :) Yup, pretty sure!!! Anyone wanna go?