Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Fun

We have been having lots of fun as the weather has gotten cooler. I can't believe how fast the school year is going, but I'm sure looking forward to Thanksgiving Break. It's been so long since I've updated our blog that I can't remember what I've said and haven't said. Wyatt started his new school about 5 weeks ago and he LOVES it. His teachers are awesome! When we get there in the morning, he walks to his room so happy to see his friends and teachers. When we pick him up, he is so excited to show us what he's been up to. He has been talking up a storm and repeating everything we do. It's the cutest thing. Tonight he was pointing out his nose, eyes, ears, etc. and I said tongue and stuck mine out and he copied. It was so cute!!! I'm still struggling with getting the camera out all the time and some pictures are on Chris and my mom's phones so these aren't all the best, but I wanted to get these up tonight.

Halloween this year was so fun, because Wyatt actualy got it and was very excited to get candy. He wanted to eat every piece that went into his bucket.
He loves Reese's like his Daddy...

Cutest lil' skunk ever

Wyatt's school had a parade. I took a half day off at school so that I could get there early and get to spend this time with him. Chris was able to make it, too. He was excited to see us and so it was hard to get him to pose with his friends, but I still think this picture is adorable.

We went to the Fall Festival that the kids at my school held. It was alot of fun and my kids loved getting to play with Wyatt. One game had goldfish as prizes. I told the girl running the game that we would settle for a piece of candy. ;) Well, at the end of the night they were begging people to take the fish home. I thought it would be fun for Wyatt to look at and so I finally gave in. I brought him home and didn't have spring water so I needed a glass small enough to have enough water/space only using the water the fish came with.... this ended up being a wine glass. I took this picture to send to my mom because I didn't think the little guy was looking so well..... sadly, he died less than 2 hours later. Luckily, Wyatt didn't know any difference and I was prepared for the sad ending.

Wyatt's BFF that he met at our first daycare (and who is in his new daycare class with him) went to the Fall Festival, too. His daddy works at the same school as me. Their favorite game was playing in the balloons.

These pictures are not in the correct order. One night Chancy and I planned a litte playdate for the kids. We made dinner together while the kids played, then we painted pumpkins (worked well since they can't do any of the cutting yet), and then the kids got cleaned up and got to watch cartoons and eat cookies. P.S. You can't tell here, but Wyatt borrowed one of Cooper's princess diapers. He will really appreciate that one day. haha

Here is my little artist hard at work. He did such a good job!

One weekend, Chris and I took Wyatt to the Celina Pumpkin Patch. We had tons of fun feeding animals, picking a pumpkin, riding the train, and riding the hayride.

He rode all by himself without a seatbelt (and it was a long and far ride). Yes, we were nervous. We had no idea how far the ride was going away from us, which was around the pumpkin patch but it seemed like miles to us.

My mom, me, Wyatt, Ashley and Tiffany (friends) all went to the Fair the last Saturday that it was in town. We had a blast! The fair always makes me feel like I'm 12 again. And this was Wyatt's first year to go (except for when I went when I was pregnant with him and ate all kinds of pregnancy goodness foods). Wyatt was so big and we had a blast riding rides together. We even rode some all by himself. He absolutely loved it! This boy has no fear...

Wyatt and his BFF have been getting to go to the high school games together. They love it! It's amazing that the games are at Pizza Hut Park. We sit where the kids are blocked in, but have room to play.

The one thing I didn't get pictures of but I'm sure someone else did was my birthday party. I decided I wanted to go to Trail Dust in Aubrey because they have a big slide and not only does Wyatt love slides, but so do I (possibly even more). :) We ended up going for lunch because the World Series was on during dinner time. It couldn't have been more perfect... we had the place to ourselves. This was the fastest and steepest slide I've been on in a long time. Wyatt, of course, had no fear, and rode it over and over again. My sister and I had tons of fun racing down the slide (Chris was the timer and I know that the winning slide was done by me the time Chris didn't start the timer).