Monday, March 24, 2014

Kenley's Princess Day

The Melting Pot in Addison had a Fairytale lunch and I decided to take just Kenley and let her have a special day. She was so excited and called it her Princess Date. This is the dress she wanted to wear and I even let her wear my necklace that she always tries to get out of my jewelry cabinet.

We met my sister, Peyton, my mom, and my stepmom there. Kenley got nervous once we walked in and I couldn't get her to smile in the princess chair, but she warmed up as soon as we got to our table.

She took off her crown and gave it to me. Then got right to dipping.

Posing with Grandma.
It was a long lunch for 2 little girls but they had a blast and were so good. Here they are dancing and posing together while they wait for the chocolate.

And pictures with Grammy.

I wanted to show a picture of Peyton and Aunt Lisa and this is the best I took.

We had so much fun and it was a perfect princess day to celebrate our little girls. Oh and I almost forgot... Baby Jackson (who is 7 weeks old) was there, too. He snoozed the whole time and couldn't be bothered with any of this princess business. :) I didn't even get a single picture of him. 2 hotplates on the table, several pointy skewers, 2 little princesses, and lots of food had us all pretty occupied. 

Basketball {Wyatt}

Wyatt has been asking to play basketball He is finally old enough (well, sort of) to play. I signed him up to play with the YMCA in McKinney. I didn't want to put him in the 4/5 class because he wanted to play with real basketball goals (not the little tykes plastic ones) and he wanted to play games not just practice (like Uncle Garrett does) so I signed him up for the next group that I thought said it was for kindergartners but all the kids on his team are in 1st grade. These pictures are from his first practice and he did great. He was super excited to get to play and made several baskets. His first game was last weekend and these kids were good! We were so proud of Wyatt for hustling the entire time (only 5 kids were at the game so they all got to play the whole game) and staying focused. He wasn't quite sure how to get the kids to pass him the ball and there was a lot going on at a very fast pace so hopefully once we work with him and after another practice he will have it figured out for the next game.  We are so proud of you, Wyatt!

6 and 7 Months {Reagan}

This sweet girl is more than half a year old already! Things have been so busy around here that I skipped right on past Reagan's 6 month well check appointment and ended up taking her in at 7 months. So these stats are actually her 7 month stats.

15 lbs 15 oz
25.25 in
She's almost sitting up on her own, but still tumbles over without support. She eats 4oz of baby food (whatever I made up that week) twice a day and is still nursing like a champ. We just started puffs and baby crackers, and chopped food that she can grab. She is definitely a fan of this freedom.
She still has a sensitive tummy so she takes Prevacid every day. She also takes Miralax and probiotics in her food and the doctor told us to start giving her a water bottle to try and help the constipation issues.
Her favorite things to do are play in the exersaucer, ride in the stroller, eat, take baths, have Wyatt and Kenley play with her, be held, and sit and people watch. She loves being outside.
She hates being laid down on her back and tummy to play by herself, sleep training, and waiting for her food. Reagan has the same amount of patience as her mama - NONE. She likes things done when she wants them done, which is usually 5 minutes ago. She also has quite a temper (from her Daddy, I'm sure) and she can be perfect and giggly one minute and screaming the next. She keeps us on our toes, but for the most part she is a super happy baby.
Her biggest accomplishment the past month or so has been sleep training. Whew! It was rough on Mommy and Daddy. We have never had to do cry it out and the big kids were pretty much born good sleepers, but Miss Reagan gave us a run for our money. I'll never be the one writing the parenting book that says "This is how you do such and such..." because let me just tell you every baby is so different. I was pretty convinced after 2 kids that cry it out wasn't for me, but I tried nearly everything else with Reagan and finally gave in to letting her cry. It was painful... for us.
Reagan prefers to sleep like this...

But now sleeps very well like this throughout the night. She has even learned to sleep on her side since once she flips to her back she can't get all the way back to her tummy. It was definitely worth the heartache to get her sleeping well and all in all in wasn't that long of a process to get her to this point. I am so grateful for my sweet friends that I texted often during naps to support me through this. And as I'm typing she is upstairs napping peacefully in her crib.
And look she's still a happy baby and doesn't even look traumatized. She's actually been much happier throughout the day now that she's getting a good nap and a good night's sleep.