Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Update

I've been really bad about updating with information throughout this pregnancy. No news has been good news. It's been smoothe sailing other than some random headaches (not migraines this time thank goodness). My sugar testing went well a few weeks ago. My iron was pretty low so I've been taking my iron pills and feel much better. I was REALLY tired. This Saturday will be 32 weeks and I've started getting tired again, and Dr. Joseph says that sounds about right. She is very low. We are still working out even though I scale it all down a ton. The best part of this pregnancy is watching Wyatt get so excited for "Baby Sister." He talks about her every day. He has been coming up to my belly and giving her xoxo's and sings "Rock a Bye Baby" to her. He started all of this on his own. We read books about having a sibling and each time he asks for her to come out. That melts my heart and I hope he is just as excited when she gets here. He has been getting plenty of practice with his friends' siblings. He will share anything he has with the babies. Sometimes the bigger kids is a different story. My friend, Helen, said he knows he can get it back from the babies. haha


Friday, August 19, 2011

Stroller Strides Splash Day

Today at Stroller Strides we had Splash Day. Wyatt loves any kind of water and getting dirty so it was perfect! At the end of the workout the kids got to play.

Hot Potato with the Splash Ball

Duck Duck Goose with a Sponge

Water Balloons

And no water went to waste...

After playing in the water we stayed to play with friends. Wyatt played with Red Car (Lightning McQueen) in the dirt and leaves. He loves digging, burrying toys, and getting dirty. He's all boy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Days

We have been enjoying our summer days even though it has been so HOT. Here's an idea of what we've been up to.

I started working out after summer school got out and have really enjoyed the group of girls and their kids. Wyatt loves going to "exercise" as he calls it. We go 3 times a week and I feel better on the days that I go even though I feel completely out of shape. Wyatt loves his new ride!

Wyatt's favorite part is at the end of the workout when we park the strollers near the huge sand pit and playground and the kids get to go play. He takes his cars in the sand and loves to burry them. I've noticed that he really loves to share with and talk to the babies. Hopefully this will continue when baby sister gets here.

Two days a week we go play math with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Garrett. Wyatt feels really big getting to play, too. Especially when Mommy brings cool math things for the lessons like Leggos and Hershey bars. On these days Pap and Daddy usually come have lunch at Pap and Lori's with us.

Wyatt loves shapes and so we've been playing with the cookie cutters to make fun shapes with our food. He calls circles "wheels." Last night we made star and heart Jell-o Jigglers.

After lunch, Wyatt takes a nap. This boy loves to sleep and loves his big bed. I'll get pictures once we finish his room. We still have to put up the chair rail, then it'll be complete!

He also LOVES to make things. The other day at the craft store I was getting stuff and he got to pick something out. He picked out a wooden truck, of course. Then he got to paint the truck and he was sooooo proud of it. When Daddy got home he said "Daddy, look truck that Wyatt make" with a huge smile. My mom says he looks just like me when he's trying to concentrate.

We've been working on pottying in the potty, but Wyatt seems to have lost interest in it. I'm trying not to push it too much and we make it as fun as we can. He got to pick out big boy underwear (Cars and Mickey). He doesn't like to sit and wait which is the biggest problem. This particular day, I thought of a solution...

Still not there, but we will keep working on it. Hopefully we will be succesfully trained before Miss Kenley gets here.

Bathtime has always been a favorite of Wyatt's. He just loves water, any kind of water. His new thing is to give the cars a carwash. This means that the faucet must be on and he has to give them some bubbles and brush their teeth. The other day he was in there for about an hour while I showered and got ready. He wanted to stay even longer!

If there's time Wyatt likes to watch a little bit of Cars before bed.

Wyatt, you make our days so much fun! I love watching you learn new things and grow each and every day.