Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Star Listener

On Tuesday morning Mr. Wyatt was in a grouchy mood. I think because we had such a busy weekend, but for whatever reason he was a grouch. I dropped him off at school and was not surprised when I picked him up that he had a rough day. His teacher encouraged him to be a 5 star listener when he got back on Thursday and we had a talk about how his day went. He told on himself the whole ride home - he said he ran in the classroom and he wasn't listening to his teacher and the stories went on and on. I love our talk in the car. I love them more when they are about cutting, glueing, and having fun, but it was still sweet because Wyatt said he'd do better on Thursday.

Thursday morning we talked about having a great day and being a 5 star listener. He walked into his classroom with his lunchbox and put his snack in the bucket and was happy to see his teachers and friends. And this is how he looked after school...

He was so proud and so were we. Way to go Wyatt!

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