Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1st Soccer Game

Wyatt played in his first soccer game on Saturday. All the boys looked soooo cute in their uniforms warming up. Of course, Wyatt and Aidan were being silly together.

There are 4 ten minute quarters, which is a l-o-n-g time for 3 year olds! The coach was smart and didn't have Wyatt and Aidan playing at the same time. Here's Wyatt cheering for his team and waiting for his turn. Go Dino Kickers!!!

Then it was his turn.

Coach Manny had them run around a bit to warm up some more.

Here's Kenley and Avery (Aidan's sister). We made them Dino Kickers cheerleader outfits. Mackenzie ironed on dino patches on front and "lil sister" with their brother's number on the back. I stitched around the dino with hot pink thread and made them cute bows. Aren't these girls adorable. I'll get better pictures next time.

Why couldn't I get good pics on the sidelines you ask? Well, because I was busy watching this guy and praying that he wouldn't tackle anyone. I think we have a football player in our house. Now, another little boy didn't want to play and they let Wyatt go in (he was on the sidelines crying because he wanted to go back out and play with Aidan). Bad. Idea. He ended up on the field with Aidan and started being silly. Seconds before this picture Wyatt was hanging from the goal. Yes, hanging. Like a gymnast. I told Chris, let's let his coach handle it and maybe he will get the point. Before that sentence even came out of my mouth there were about 5 boys hanging from the goal with Wyatt. Oh boy! Needless to say, then this happened...

Now to be fair, the game started at 12 and that's naptime. At about halftime these boys were done. Wyatt was not having anymore soccer and here he is pouting in the team picture. The only reason he's sitting there is because I said he was about to get a snack. :) Regardless, they are all so stinkin' cute!

Wyatt had a huge fan club at this game. We had lots of family there cheering him on. I got pictures, but no one was looking and they weren't great so I skipped them on this post. I'll do better next time.

Way to go, Wyatt. We are so proud of you!

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