Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meet the Teacher {Wyatt's Preschool}

Wyatt is going to be going to preschool this year on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He is very excited and was even more excited about meet the teacher night because mommy and daddy got to go with him. We told him that this would be his school when he went to VBS and he's been talking about it.

He walked in proud to show off his baby sister.

He was excited to get to his room.

And we all loved his teachers. I think he will have lots of fun with them. There are only 4 girls in the class and LOTS of BOYS. God bless these 2 ladies! I'll be sure to bring them lots of chocolate!
Miss Tammy and Miss Lina

There was a scavenger hunt to help Wyatt find all the important spots he needed to know about and a little craft. Notice that he has already found the toy lion and red car in the classroom. I've explained that he has to share these and they are not HIS. And then I'm reminded why we felt preschool would be good for him. 

The classroom is super cute and Wyatt will love the weather chart, calendar, and all the fun things on this wall. He LOVES to do that sort of thing and will be so excited to be the special helper when it's his turn.

I tried to snap some pics of the classroom and completely missed the spot right in front of me with several boy toys and fun things that the boys had already gotten out and been playing with.

Wyatt did not want to leave and is excited to get to go on Tuesday and play with his new friends and all the new toys. I will be sad to not have him with me everyday, but I know it will be good for him. And then Kenley will get some time to do "baby things with Mommy.

Wyatt, you are growing up so fast and Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. We can't wait to see all the things you learn this year and hear all your stories about your days at school.

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