Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Costco Churros

Yesterday, I had to run to Costco to pick up a Halloween poster I had printed. I told Wyatt that he could get a snack and I totally knew what we were getting. Has anyone else ever had a churro from Costco? They are sooo good. So here is Wyatt with his first churro. He called it a "stick." And I'm pretty sure he liked it as much as his mama.

And trying to uphold my mom-of-the-year status I let Kenley have a piece. I would never have let Wyatt have that at 11 months, but I let Kenley. Why, you may wonder? Because this little girl KNOWS if you have something and aren't sharing. She gets MAD and let's us know. So, I guess Wyatt and I will have to be a little more sneaky about our treats that shouldn't be fed to Kenley.

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