Monday, September 24, 2012


5th grade at MCA got to host chapel this morning and we went to watch Aunt Sarah and Uncle Garrett.
Kenley was digging the praise and worship. She kept bouncing and waving her arms and clapping with the other kids. So cute! (She does not drink Capri Sun, but she does like to play with Wyatt's trash.)

Aunt Sarah doing her speaking part. I couldn't get Uncle Garrett's picture very well. We were in the back because all the classes sit in the front.

5th graders. Their shirts say "Big Dogs" because MCA now has 6th, 7th, and 8th grade split into a middle school which makes the 5th graders the "Big Dogs" of the elementary school. Fun!

Just before we left and the kids went to class I made them pose for a picture. Sarah was the only one cooperating. Garrett was giving me a sarcastic smile. I was in workout clothes so we could head to Stroller Strides afterwards so no pictures for me.
See, the boys had dogs on their shirts and the girls had pink paw prints.

Uncle Garrett and Aunt Sarah did a great job!

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