Monday, August 27, 2012


Team sports have begun at the Jeans' household and Wyatt is sooo excited! He's been telling me for months that he has a soccer/basketball game and he wants us to go (he makes that up). We signed him up for soccer with his friend, Aidan, and practice began last Saturday. We know his team will be lime green and black, but don't know the name yet.

Through Frisco Soccer Association (we signed up through them since Aidan was) he will get a jersey, socks, and a ball. And the day before practice we took him over to the Soccer Post in McKinney (they are great by the way) to get the rest of his gear. He got shin guards, socks, and shoes. He wore them out, he was so excited. They even had a soccer goal in the store with balls for him to make sure his shoes worked well. They did - they made him super fast.

Saturday morning before practice he wanted me to take pictures of him. He specifically said to get these pics of his shoes.

I had to get both feet.

And the whole get up with a "game face." We don't have their uniform yet.

Kenley loves to be outside and had no problem hanging out while brother played soccer.

The boys were absolutely adorable. It was the cutest thing ever!

Coach Manny is awesome! He was great with the kids, loves soccer, wants the kids to have fun, learn basic skills, and wants the team to become a family and continue to play together if they really like the sport. The other parents were great, too. How cute is this little huddle?! Now we've got to work on not touching the ball with our hands, convincing Wyatt that there is no tackling in soccer, and that one team kicks the ball one way and the other kicks it the opposite way. Can't wait til the next practice and neither can Wyatt.

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