Saturday, August 4, 2012


Wyatt and Kenley went to the circus for the first time last night and the sure thought it was the greatest show on Earth! Wyatt is obsessed with lions, tigers, and elephants and he was sooo pumped to see them.
My mom, friend, Morgan, and her son Kaleton all went with us. Morgan and her sister, Ashley and me and my sister, Lisa, grew up across the street from each other (where our parents still live) and we did so many fun things together growing up. It was so neat to be taking our kids to the circus together. And it's always a fun time when any of us are together, too. Lots of laughs.

The fun began when we shoved all of us into my car (because it's always more fun to ride together) and with 3 carseats it was one crammed car. Not to mention how fun it was loading the car when it was 110 outside. I hope Fall is coming really soon! The boys were super excited to go see the animals. We got our tickets late, but weren't sure how the kids would do so didn't want to sit too close anyways. Our seats were in the first upper level. When we got there that level wasn't very full at all so the man said we could sit wherever we wanted. That worked out great, the kids had plenty of room, and we were right up at the glass looking over.

Getting ready to go in

No one sat to our right. There were other people there! My friend, Mackenzie, said it looks like we went to a private circus. And it was impossible to get everyone looking at the camera with clowns and acrobats running around.

Another attempt at a picture. They are both trying to get away!

Kenley watched the entire time (until the very end when she crashed). She even clapped for the first time. Wyatt thought he was cool going behind us and sitting in the empty row.

National Anthem and the elephant that carried the flag.

Grammy got Wyatt peanuts, a snow cone, AND cotton candy. Oh boy! He spent most of the time sitting on the step or standing on the step pretending he was a lion. I was so surprised at how much this boy LOVED the clowns. He thought they were HILARIOUS! He laughed HYSTERICALLY and that had us laughing more than the clowns.

The tigers! Wyatt wanted to touch them... crazy boy! I shouldn't have read an article before the circus about how animals in the circus are (supposedly) treated. Every time the animals listened I was convinced they were scared too death and that they get beaten during training. I really hope not. Either way they listened well and had some neat tricks and were very cute.

Kenley was sooo tired about half way through but Nosey Rosey RARELY falls asleep places because she doesn't want to miss a thing. I kept trying to get her to lay facing me and pat her. Nope. She wanted to face the show and fought falling asleep so hard. But when she was out, she was out. I carried her to the stroller and then got her in the car without her waking up.

We made lots of memories at the circus and I'm so glad the kids loved it so much.
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