Monday, August 20, 2012

Messy FUN

I stole this idea from my friend, Nancy's blog. Let me just tell you - it is THE BEST IDEA EVER! I took the kids outside and put shaving cream on cookie sheets for them to play and write in. They LOVED it. This little activity lasted for 45 minutes. Yes! 45 minutes. Both kids played and played. I got super cute video of it, too. Best part.... easy clean up.
Wyatt showed Sister what to do and it was so sweet to watch her see him and not look so unsure after watching him. After a few times of him showing her she tried touching it.

And shortly after she was totally into it.

Kenley had wandered up to the door and Wyatt brought her back. How cute are these 2?!

Copying Wyatt

And since EVERYTHING can be related to lions and Simba - these are lion "things" (which means paw pads).

Burying cars and Simba toys

He actually waited a long time to "paint" himself. I knew it was going to happen.

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