Friday, August 3, 2012

First VBS

Wyatt went to Vacation Bible School at Christ Fellowship in McKinney this year. He was so excited, but also very nervous. He's all about The Lion King right now, so when we walked in and saw the mural on the wall he was super excited. He had several friends at VBS that we know but none were in his class (probably better so he could meet other friends). The theme for the week was Operation Overboard and they made crafts and learned songs. Wyatt LOVED it! He was there from 9-11 Monday-Thursday.
Wyatt's friend, Will

Surfer Wyatt

On the last day, the kids sang songs and danced for us. It was TOO CUTE! I was such a proud Mommy. Wyatt absolutely loved performing for us. He was so proud of himself. We bought the CD and we listen to his 2 favorite songs approximately a million times a day. He asks EVERYONE he sees lately to watch his songs and dances.

He's close to the stage in the center of this picture in a yellow shirt. He loved his teachers. There was a high school boy that was the class assistant and Wyatt loved him. He was so good with the kids, too. Wyatt cried (and screamed) the first 2 days when I dropped him off. I would stand around the corner and the kid would give me a thumbs up when Wyatt was happy.

We had decided this Summer that Wyatt would go to preschool this year 2 days a week and had heard GREAT things from our friends about Christ Fellowship. After our week of VBS, Wyatt said he would love to go to school there. So our getting-too-big-too-fast little guy in registered for preschool.
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