Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 Days in Africa {..and 10 days without Daddy at home}

Whew! We made it. We survived Daddy's 10 day trip to South Africa without any problems... well, except missing Daddy. Chris's dad sent him and his brother, Garrett, to Africa to hunt all kinds of animals. It was two hunters' dream and a great getaway for some brotherly fun. They both needed it and I'm so glad they had fun. Chris is starting a blog to show all his hunting adventures and I don't want tons of dead animal pics on the family blog so I'm going to spare us all. Next up... save my house from displaying these animals. However, I do know that all the meat was used for locals to eat and part of it is donated to people that would be starving without the donations. Nothing went to waste, they have to have permits for everything, and certain animals that have low population cannot be killed.

I made Chris and Garrett smile for this picture at the airport before they left. Neither of them were very happy because Wyatt was sooo sad and crying. He wanted to go on an airplane and to see Simba, too. If you've been reading, you know that he LOVES lions and all African animals right now. I tried to get them to smile and this was all I got.

Now, we had gone to Sonic on our way to the airport. Wyatt had to get milk, but Garrett got Coke. As we were pulling away (and Wyatt was throwing a huge fit), he saw the Coke, stopped crying, and said "Uncle Garrett left his drink," then took it and was happy the rest of the drive. Silly how kids work!


Wyatt got a present for every morning that he woke up and Daddy wasn't home. That way he could keep up with how many more days until Daddy got home. He felt so special and remembered his prize every morning. They were things like bubbles, plastic animals (which we have a collection of), crafts, etc. Oh and when getting all the prizes at Michaels I found a monkey tail in the clearance bin. Perfect. Add another tail to our collection of tails.

The first morning. He got bubbles and tons of different sticks for different types of bubbles. Chancy and Cooper came over that night for dinner and to play with bubbles.

I took this picture so that you could see that he went for all the BIGGEST prizes first.

We had a very busy 10 days. We went to the circus, hung out with friends, ate at my parents' houses, went to dinner with Pap and did our normal things. It was a fairly quick 10 days, but it was sooo nice to let Chris do bathtime tonight while I type this post. ;)

Here's Wyatt on the way to the airport to pick up Daddy and Uncle Garrett. Let me tell you, this boy LOVES his uncle. Garrett is such a good uncle and Wyatt sure did miss him. We all know that we pretty much come in second rank to Uncle Garrett. At the airport we had to park and when the boys were walking toward us, I let Wyatt get out of the car and I'm pretty sure that was the fastest run ever. He was soooo excited to see them. I wish I had it on video.

We made a "Welcome Home" sign for Daddy. 

Chris had lots of prizes for the kids (and me too). Wyatt got some chips that were Simba brand. A sandsnail shell. An "Africa" shirt. A Springbuck rugby jersey (Chris said it's the Dallas Cowboys of South Africa). And wooden animals - a zebra, elephant, and a lion.

Kenley got 2 dresses and was not interested in sitting still for a picture.

We went to Okada's for dinner with Chris's family to celebrate everyone being home. Aunt Sarah had been on a little vacation of her own all week with Sasa (Lori's mom).

Chris absolutely loved Africa (he was close to Johannesburg) and can't wait to go back. He says one day we will all go on a family safari over there and I'm looking forward to seeing all the wild animals that they got to see. I can't imagine just seeing giraffes and zebra just walking around. Oh and baboons!
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