Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome Home Kenley

Kenley was born at midnight on Sunday and we got to come home Monday around 5. We were so ready to get home this time around. With Wyatt, I liked being at the hospital because I liked all the help and the assurance that everything was going well. This time, I guess we knew the drill and we also really missed Wyatt. When we got home my mom had flowers and candy on the table for us and had the house perfect. Then Pap, Lori, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Garrett came over. Aunt Connie (Chris's aunt) was in town so she got to come, too. They brought us dinner and visited for a bit and then it was just the family of four. To start out the first night at home a storm came through and although it only lasted about 10 minutes, it FRIED our nice living room TV. I had no idea this could even happen, but it sure did. Chris ended up getting a new TV (Wyatt calls it his) and I claim the new piece of furniture I got out of the deal to hold the TV (all this was at our house and ready within a week which was very important since the Rangers were playing in the World Series).

Pretty and waiting to leave the hospital...

Snuggled and in bed. She used Wyatt's swaddle blanket (if you don't have one of these velcro things and you swaddle a little one, you must get one, they are amazing). She now has pink ones because Grammy thought she needed her own. Oh and she got a pink and a purple binky, too.

Most of the time I find her with a toy placed gently next to her. Sometimes it's her monkey Wyatt picked this monkey out of the entire gift shop for Kenley when Grammy told him he could get whatever he wanted. She said he searched and searched and knew it was perfect when he saw it. And many times it's something Wyatt shared like his very special "Red Car" or his favorite hammer, or "Turner" his new Handy Manny screwdriver.

This is the swing that I made Chris go to about 3 Targets late one night when Wyatt was a newborn to get. It wasn't cheap, it wasn't easy to find, and I don't remember why I had to have it THAT night... but I did. He HATED it. Never once used it, but I kept it because I was convinced he might like it the next day. I said this entire pregnancy that Kenley better love it. She does. Another thing he hated was being swaddled. We were convinced that after being in the phototherapy bed for jaundice unswaddled for days that he didn't like it anymore. So those nice swaddle velcro things I HAD to have were never used either. I still say both are must haves!

How I do 2. A girl's gotta get ready and this is how we do it. I've always loved the bathtub as a playpen (see old posts from when Wyatt was a baby) and it still works. I could see both kids, both were happy, and Wyatt will play the entire time I take a shower, dry my hair, AND do makeup. He gives his cars a car wash.

This is outside the hospital where I had to take Kenley to get her jaundice checked out (all was well after about 2 days). I took her in. My mom found some rocks and dirt in the parking lot for Wyatt and everyone was happy. We even got to sit out there with them afterwards and soak up some sun to help get rid of the jaundice.

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