Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Every single time we come home or walk out our front door we have to talk about the lizards. Wyatt tells me during the day that they are with their Mommy's taking a nap. At night we sneak up to the wall where they like to hang out and he asks me to catch one. As soon as I reach for one, it will usually run up the wall and Daddy has to shine the flashlight on it so Wyatt can watch it go find it's Mommy. Well, tonight I was finally able to catch one for Wyatt. He was soooo excited. We put him in a container and Wyatt stared at him and talked to him for about 5 minutes. Then we took him back outside. I'm not sure if he knew we weren't going to hurt him or if he was in shock but he went to the corner and stayed there and Wyatt got down and stared at him and shined the light on him for forever. He was just amazed watching him since usually all he can see is them running away.

I know this freaks some people out, even Chris doesn't touch lizards because it's too similar to a snake, but I don't mind lizards. Now, if this had anything to do with a spider (I don't even like to type the word!) I would be long gone screaming for Chris to take care of it no matter how small, dead or alive. Ewww. I even make Wyatt show me something before he is allowed to touch it because I would DIE if he walked up to me with a spider. Luckily, he's usually scared to touch anything at first.

He's looking for more. His lizard is in the bottom corner, but you can't see it.

He would have stayed there all night I'm pretty sure.

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