Sunday, October 30, 2011

Family Photos

Since there are no pictures of me at all, you might be wondering if I was even there. Yes, I was! :) This sweet baby IS mine. I added a picture of me and Kenley (one of maybe 3 on my phone since I take them all). This is one of our first few nights at home.

Daddy and Kenley at the hospital.

Very proud Aunt Sarah and Uncle Garrett. They LOVE her! They fight over who will hold her, sit next to her, and then who gets the next turn when she wakes up again. Since Miss Kenley made her arrival at 12:10 am, the kids found out the next morning. What a surprise! They got there as soon as they could.

Wyatt came back to see Baby Sister again after getting lots of rest from being up the night before. He wore his "Big Brother" shirt and she wore her "Little Sister" onesie. He is great with her! So sweet and gentle. He fixes her binky. He always asks if she's hungry (Mommy, her is hungy?). That was one of his first questions the night she was born after he asked who her Mommy is. Once we got all that explained, he wanted to get her some chicken nuggets.

Daddy, Grammy (my mom), and our KIDS :)

I was prepared this time to do better with pictures. I had asked my mom to take pictures of the waiting room so I could remember who all was there and take pictures of everyone that came to visit, but things happened so fast once we got there that I was just thankful WE were at the hospital.

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