Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pictures {Part I}

I have been wanting to blog so many things, but haven't for two reasons 1) my dear hubby still hasn't given me the pics of Kenley when she was born from his fancy camera (he hates that I use my phone for pictures, but it sure is a lot faster!) and 2) the other piece of fancy technology we got hasn't been working for me either (I'm trying to get the video of Wyatt meeting Kenley the night she was born on here). So, why couldn't I move on and post other stuff? Because it's going to drive me nuts that the posts won't be in order.... but I'm over it and I'm moving on. Now, to play catch up.

This is how our morning started out the day Kenley was born. Playing in the backyard with Wyatt. I was on a lounge chair continuing bed rest.

I took notes of my contractions on my phone and then decided to take a picture of them to save to look back at. I felt the contractions in my back. Before I called the doctor to give him a head's up, I wrote notes of what I wanted to tell him if he asked. After I called is when we went to the hospital the 1st time and got sent home. I times some more, but then stopped timing all together because nothing was lasting a whole minute. And the rest of that story is under the birth story post.

Here she is... Kenley Kay Jeans. Her poor little face was bruised and swollen, but after a day or two was much better.

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