Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Police Station Tour

(My computer is broken so I took advantage of Chris bringing one home tonight and did several posts. Scroll down to see all the new posts to see what we've been up to.)

A few months ago the kids and I met Chris for lunch and there were about 4 police officers there. They were in line by us and then their table was right next to ours. Wyatt was starstruck and kept staring and asking me questions about them. We talk a lot about stranger danger and that policemen can help if you are lost and so on. So when we were finished we went to their table to thank them for their service and let Wyatt get a close up. One of the men was a Lieutenant and gave us his email to set up a tour at the station for us and some friends. Wyatt was sooo excited. Today we went to our tour and it was so neat.

In McKinney the police and fire departments share a big building and the firemen admin ladies wanted to see us so we went to visit them first. And they had goodies, which was a super hit with the kids. I told the officer that was taking us around that he shouldn't have given us fire hats and then taken us to the police side! I bet they are ordering police hats right now!

We got to go into the dispatch room very quietly and it was super neat. It was quiet in there when we went in and they didn't have any calls, but they said that's a bad word because as soon as they say that it will get crazy.

And the sweet dispatch people had surprises for us, too. But no police hats. ;)

I love watching the kids totally into stuff like this and excited to check things out. It's the total teacher in me, but isn't this cute?!

Kenley wanted to carry her own bag.

Now the trip WAS about the kids, but when we got to this side and saw all the CSI stuff it was totally about ME. I LOVE this stuff. I might be addicted to the ID channel and the Bio channel. Everyone knows I hate reading and so my mom let me read whatever I would read and as long as I can remember it was true crime books. I am a good interrogator and just might have missed my calling; however it comes in handy as a teacher and mom (sorry kids, you're mama will always know the truth). So when I saw this sign I was totally excited...

Oh yes! Then we went into the door and there was this door... And we got to go into THAT door, too!!! We stood in the CSI room! The detective that works in there talked to us and told us all about his toys. The kids had no idea how cool this room was, and probably wanted the moms and Chris to quit asking questions. I didn't take pictures in there because I was afraid we weren't allowed to. So, here's my interesting facts of the day.

They can do everything in there, except DNA analysis and ballistics (I was bummed, because that's what I was looking for as soon as we got in there but the conversation was interesting).
Those types of things have to go to a private lab.
And a swabber, which you would need for every blood sample costs the PD $600 each to send to the private lab. So, if they have blood and need to test 6 people for a match that's $600 each person. Yikes!
And there's a drying machine in there that dries evidence items without heat (because you don't want to add heat to bodily fluids).

Here's where the lady is that stores evidence. She had tons of bagged up items lined up ready to go to court today.

And the weight room...

Wyatt asked me when he woke up if we'd get to see a police car. They didn't disappoint. We got to see and play with a K9 unit car. This is the new type of cars they are switching to. Nice, huh?!

The kids had a blast playing in the K9 area of the car. There's even a little metal bowl all fancy on the wall for food or water for the dogs. They have 3 dogs and will be getting at least 1 more. We didn't see the dogs.

Each kid got to sit in the driver's seat and touch buttons, turn on sirens, and lights. They loved it! They have tons of squad cars. Did you know that the radar units in the cars (for those of us that might occasionally speed) can get you from ALL directions. Even if you are driving away. He told us the secrets and the secret is we can't hide! :) If you see a cop with the radar gun, that is another type and it's a laser that will lock onto your car and they have to be aiming it at your car, but not the other kind. Not that we asked a lot of questions about this or anything.

Our last stop was the briefing room where all the officers meet at the beginning of their shift to talk about what's been happening. Just like on TV.

This sweet and patient officer was sooo awesome to give us a tour and take time out of his day to make these guys' day. He was so good with the kids. All the kids had a blast and so did the parents. Wyatt has already told us all about his special trip to see the "policemans" and how his friends were there.

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