Tuesday, July 30, 2013

VBS and Soccer Camp

Wyatt had such a blast at VBS last year and has been talking about it ever since. He couldn't wait for this year's and I couldn't wait for a new CD. We have listened to the CD from last year over a million times. This year the theme was Kingdom Rock and the church was decked out and looked awesome. We do VBS at our preschool because the kids have to be entering kindergarten to go to the one at our church.

Here's Wyatt getting ready to show us the songs he learned .

And it just so happened that I found a sports camp, but it was the same week as VBS. VBS was from 9-11 am and soccer was 5:30-8:30 pm. I was sooo nervous about the week. Wyatt hadn't been to school in awhile so I wasn't sure how drop off would go. He likes soccer, but can hardly stay into a practice for an hour! And soccer was his first real camp mixed with big kids AND teenager leaders. I was a nervous wreck. BUT this kid did amazing! Each night we picked him up and he had a huge smile and looked like he had played hard. He had an exhausting week, but loved it. The sports and art camp was put on for free by The Parks church, which meets at an elementary school by our house. I was so impressed with how well run everything was and how great they did with the kids. We will definitely be going back next year if they do it again.

And by the way, we know that shinguards go under the socks, but apparently they were itchy and so they went on the outside. And we know crocs aren't the best sports shoes, but again this mama was glad that the busy days were going well and was not choosing those battles. :)

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