Monday, January 21, 2013

Us lately...

I haven't been so great at taking pics lately and we've been having some pretty low key days during this awful flu season. I'm usually not paranoid, but it's been such a bad year for the flu and after I had horrible strep in November we are just playing it as safe as possible. Here's a few not-so-great pics that show what we've been up to.

My friend, Jody, got Wyatt this little coloring pad that came with a water pen. You fill the pen with water and "color" the page and it turns colors. So fun and a total hit for both the kids. They will play with this forever. I've even been to Kohl's to get another one for Kenley. Kenley also loves her Aquadoodle from Santa. My kids love anything that has to do with water. And it's a bonus that it's mess free for me.

Kenley is 100% in the stage where everything seems to be calling her to open it, tear it up, climb on it, etc. She does not sit still very often at all. But one night when Wyatt was watching some TV before bed I set her next to him and she stayed for quite awhile. Almost 10 minutes. That's a long time for her. He wanted her to come back when she got up. He loves to have her right next to him.

We got tons and tons of toys for Christmas and the kids' birthdays. Tons. And what do we usually play with... yep, the cars. I really think I could get rid of every other toy and my kids would be happy. I'm sure Kenley will get into dolls and such, but for now she would rather "zoom" (as Wyatt calls it) the cars around that he's been playing with.

Wyatt has been getting creative with the cars.

We are in all out bow training and it's NOT going well. Little miss pulls her bows out every chance she gets and then tries to pull the ponytail out. It drives me crazy! Even Wyatt knows it makes me crazy! He will yell from the back seat of the car "Mooooommmmmyyy, Kenley pulled her bow out again!" So by the end (sometimes the beginning) of the day Kenley is looking like this. One cute, adorable mess. This is after nap, which is why she's sporting the pantless knee sock look. 

And one morning just before walking out the door for Stroller Strides Kenley fell over into the edge of the wall and hit her head. She got the biggest bump either of my kids have ever had on her forehead. So sad. I couldn't get a good picture until she was in the car with a snack.

We've done a lot of playing around the house. I love to watch these 2 play together. Shortly after this picture Kenley knocked down this masterpiece and Wyatt was not so happy. But then they went back to playing together.

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