Thursday, January 10, 2013

4 Years {Wyatt}

We have been celebrating Wyatt's birthday for days and it's been so much fun. I feel so blessed to be "Mommy" to this sweet boy. He has a huge heart, a curious mind, and a daring personality. He loves to laugh and make others laugh. He's the BEST big brother ever. And he's made the last 4 years the greatest ones ever.

We celebrated at Frisco Fire Station 5 with friends. It was such a fun party. The firemen were awesome and really got the kids involved answering questions and checking out the station. While we were setting up a call came in and they let us go out in the garage and watch them take off. It was so neat! They made it back in time to give us a tour, teach us some fire safety, and put on all their gear to show us what they look like all suited up. I didn't want to try and figure out how to get pizza to a 10-12 party when pizza places open at 11 so I got Lunchables for the kids and cupcakes with red icing and yellow sprinkles. It worked out perfect. And my kids think Lunchables are a treat because we never buy them. I left my phone at home and Chris was my photographer so there aren't very many pictures, especially of the "details," like the cute cupcakes.

So there's a huge fire truck with a bell to ring, seats to sit in, and lots of buttons to look at and I wanted all these kids to pose for a picture. Here's the best we got.

Wyatt has his birthday planned out and was super excited. He told me all week that he was going to drive the fire truck. I secretly prayed that he was going to get to get into the truck and sure enough they did. Then one of the firemen came up to me and asked if the birthday boy wanted to get into the driver's seat. Yes! His day was complete! Well.... after he got his cupcake with RED icing. Silly kid - he knows what he wants.

Miss Kenley was busy running around all morning. She wasn't even scared of the fireman in his gear. Towards the end she was pooped and ready for a nap. She liked the firemen's chairs. They have a ton of these in the TV room. 

Firegirl Kenley.

The next night was celebrated with family at my mom's house for dinner. And more presents. I don't think there is anything this boy needs for a long long time. My mom made ribs and fixings, but since it was Wyatt's bday he got to choose what he wanted and so we had chicken nuggets, too. And a chocolate cake with Lightning McQueen on it that had real wheels so Wyatt could take it off and play with it (can you tell I had a specific request for the cake, too). As everyone was showing up Wyatt would grab their hand and take them to show them his cake. I didn't get a single picture at this party.

Wyatt's actual birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, which was perfect because he's in school on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday morning we got up, got my mom, and headed to the mall to celebrate some more. Another request... he wanted to go to the mall on his birthday day and eat lunch and ride horses.
The biggest treat of the day was getting to ride in this...

Wyatt got some money for his birthday so we went to Build-A-Bear. He picked out a puppy. Here he is rubbing the heart on his muscles to make his bear strong. (Yes, my child had shoes. It was pouring rain and the shoes were wet and while he was riding in the cart the shoes were at the bottom of the storage thing under a ton of stuff. But we did put them on eventually.)

Washing and brushing his puppy.

He picked out a "Woody" costume for the puppy. Complete with boots and spurs.

After lunch we had Auntie Anne's pretzels (I think we've had enough cake!). And then rode the carousel. And my friend Ashley met us for lunch and took Wyatt to the Disney Store (his absolute favorite store) and let him pick out some goodies. He got 2 Cars cars and a Cars t-shirt. Let me just say that he has been playing with those cars non stop and they are now in his bed with him. Where's Woody puppy? Not sure. But I heard him tell Kenley she could have him earlier. :) He loves his cars! 

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