Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chatty Kenley

Kenley is getting so big so fast. She seriously thinks she's Wyatt's age. After we workout and the kids get out to play she heads straight toward the playground. She loves the slide. She also loves the sandbox. She's totally into anything she can get into lately, too. She's super curious and wants to check out everything. One of my favorite things is how much she's been "talking." She will babble and make her voice known all day long, but she's learning more and more words. All of a sudden she'll say something. Here are the names she says:

Mama, Mommy (MomMY), Dada, Daddy (also DadDY with lots of emphasis on the ending, especially when she wants something), Papa, Mammy, which is Grammy

Her favorite game is to bring Papa (my grandpa) whatever she finds. When we are at my mom's house it doesn't matter where Papa is sitting, Kenley will go find something (usually snacks) and bring them to Papa. He will take it and she will go get more to bring him. It will be anything - dog toys, her toys, snacks, whatever she finds. It's so sweet. The other night Papa was in the kitchen and Kenley would bring him one of Wyatt's cars at a time. We told him to go in the living room and sure enough she found him in there and still brought him cars.

Here's miss priss painting today after nap with her bed head. Time sure does fly when you're having fun.

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