Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunshiny Day in December

Last weekend was such a pretty weekend (even though it's way too warm to be December). Chris decided to work in the garage cleaning things up and moving things around. Kenley helped. She loves any seat that is her size. She was so proud to find this spot to sit and was swinging her legs laughing.

Chris made me a little table for wrapping Christmas gifts for family (you can barely see it in the next picture). And we got out toys for the kids to play with. There are some big kids that live down the street and one of them comes to talk to us every time we are working out there. Chris calls him our little Dennis the Menace. He's not a bad kid, he just likes to talk and ask what you are doing, ask what everything is, and tell us what his dad would do. Haha. It cracks me up watching him hang out with Chris. Wyatt felt so big because his friend came to play with him. They played with everything. Here they are pillow racing.

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