Friday, December 7, 2012

Kenley and Corn Dogs

Okay, so I have totally mentioned Kenley's love of corn dogs before. Yes, I realize she shouldn't be eating corn dogs and she doesn't eat them all the time although she would eat them every meal if I let her. She LOVES them. If she even sees one (like today when I gave her plain noodles and Wyatt had a corn dog) she screams and reaches out her hands for it. Really?! Wyatt felt bad and gave her his and I made him a new one.

She loves that it's on a stick. Maybe I should put veggies and fruit on a stick and see if it's as exciting. I'll be trying this soon.

Even Wyatt hasn't figured out that the little piece of batter on the end is the best part but Little Miss sure has.

She started showing off as I was taking pictures. :) 

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