Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Weekend

I had several cute things to post from last Thursday through Sunday so I decided to just group them all together as "Our Weekend." My mom watches the kids when I tutor in the evenings if Chris has to work late. Last Thursday, she had something special planned.

Here's Kenley finishing up her dinner and I'm sure looking at all the candy in front of her.

Did you know that they sell rice krispie treats SHEETS?! They do and it was perfect for cutting out Christmas shapes to ice and decorate. Papa joined in the fun, too. And Miss Peyton got to watch.

Wyatt, did a great job decorating. He made several, but his favorite was a one-eyed pirate that he made out of the gingerbread man. Silly boy! They even saved 2 cutouts for me to decorate when I got back. I just might love my moms surprises as much as they do. 

Friday night a family friend was Ariel in McKinney Youth Theater's The Little Mermaid. We picked up Uncle Garrett, his friend, Jacob, and headed out to see the show. I love The Little Mermaid!
We got there about 30 minutes early - too early! Wyatt had to have a few chats about sitting still and being quiet because he gets super excited when he's with the big kids. Here they are waiting for the show. The kids always sit in the front on the floor. I thought this was sooo cute. Uncle Garrett is such a good uncle.

After having to go outside for a(nother) chat when Wyatt was back inside again I told him he was doing a good job. He gave me 2 thumbs up. 

Maddie Grace did a fabulous job as Ariel. Isn't Scuttle cute?

After intermission the big boys had to sit in "time out" against the wall where we could see them. Haha. They were getting a little restless by the end. Wyatt is happy to be eating his candy. They all had candy, but I made Wyatt eat his after intermission so it would keep him still during the show. :)

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a friend and made gingerbread house. Each family got a house that was already made and the kids had a blast eating candy and decorating their houses. 

After this party I got bad about taking pictures, but we then went to church and then had dinner with my dad, stepmom, and stepmom's sister and her husband at Olive Garden.

Sunday, we went to another birthday party that was Mickey Mouse themed. Wyatt loved it!!!

It was a busy weekend full of family, friends, and fun. Chris and I even had a little date Saturday morning that I will blog about separate.

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