Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Heart Melts

When I used to work and Wyatt went to daycare I always used to say that there's nothing better than that moment when you go to pick your child up and they see you. I have always loved how Wyatt's face lights up and he comes running. Now he's in preschool twice a week and it's still the same. With an added "Mooooommmmmmyyyy." So sweet. One day when he's in middle school I'll look back at this post as I'm sure things will be a little different... sadly... but hopefully at the same time.

I've been telling people that Kenley misses Wyatt on Tuesday and Thursdays. I can just tell. Well, after his sprint to me and the long Moooooommmmmmmyyyyy, he always says hello to Kenley. Today he knelt down and she wrapped her arms around him so tight and just hugged and hugged. It was the sweetest thing ever. My heart melted. It was one of those moments where you think  - I totally wish I had my camera ready, but I know it'll be over before I get it out and I don't want to miss the moment. Well... I was thinking that and the hug continued, and continued, and finally I decided I had time and I was still able to catch the ending of this sweet embrace. I wish I had a better picture, but it's something I'll remember forever.

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