Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pizza with Grammy

Before Thanksgiving Chris headed out to the deer lease for a few days and the kids and I stayed home. One night I went and had dinner with my sweet friend, Mackenzie, while the kids got to hang out at Grammy and Grampy's. My mom told Wyatt that he was going to make dinner. So they got all the stuff to make pizza and Wyatt was the "maker" and Kenley was the "tester." Wyatt loves to be a helper, but sometimes it's hard to keep his attention for long and we are lucky if he finishes the job he started, but my mom said he was totally into making pizza and was so precise each step of the way. He even gave Kenley things to try while he worked. My mom texted me pictures to show what they were up to. These pictures definitely show Wyatt's concentrating faces.

She is a mess! But both kids were bathed and in PJ's watching movies with Grammy when I got back to pick them up. 

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