Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Soccer Star

We are so proud of Wyatt completing his first season of soccer. He played on the Dino Kickers through Frisco Soccer Association. He did excellent and came a long way. We are looking forward to the Spring season. We celebrated the end of the season at the park where we practice. The kids ran around and played together, ate pizza and cupcakes, and received trophies.

We could not have asked for a better coach. Coach Manny was the kindest, gentlest man with the kiddos and has a true passion for the sport. He was so good with the kids and trust me this had to require LOTS of PATIENCE.
Coach Manny presented each child with their trophy and congratulated them. They felt so special and it melted this mama's heart.

So proud to have a trophy. Wyatt has seen trophies at Uncle Garrett's house and some of his friends' houses and he thinks they are super cool, so he thought it was so cool that he got one.

Now, even with as cool as the trophy was this little whistle shaped like a soccer ball may have been even cooler to him.

Some of the team and siblings.

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