Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

I love Halloween. I always have. Not sure if it's because it's the start of Fall or because it's close to my birthday, but I just love it. This year was so much fun with an almost-4 year old and a 1 year old. Kenley wore her costume to Stroller Strides, but Wyatt opted for his Halloween shirt. After we worked out the kids got treats and had fun playing. The day was beautiful. Sunny and warm (too warm for October, but we will take a pretty sunny day). When we got home the kids helped make worms and dirt dessert.
Wyatt pretty much made the entire thing himself. Here he is carefully putting the worms in the cups. My mom say his "concentrating face" reminds her of me.

Kenley "helped" with the worms, too.

After Wyatt crushed all the oreos, he scooped the dirt into each cup.

And Kenley tested the dirt. She approved.

After nap we headed over to Grammy's house for our annual Halloween party. She makes chili every year. Papa liked the chili!

Wyatt got a prize from Grammy at the craft store the other day and he picked out this cookie decorating kit. It was perfect for a Halloween craft before trick or treating. I might have had more fun than him with this.

I totally stole this idea from my friend, Jaclyn. Aren't these mummy juice boxes the cutest. And everyone knows - I don't buy juice so when my kids get juice they get very excited. I get excited, too. I LOVE juice and if we have it in the house we all end up drinking it instead of water so we don't buy it. Random fact: one of my favorite drinks is Capri Sun.

We also had cute mummy dogs that I made. It was fun making Halloween themed stuff now that Wyatt understands.

Cousin Peyton was a butterfly for her first Halloween. My sister, Lisa, made most of this costume. She even made the feather headband thing. Sadly, I didn't get a better picture. It's always crazy trying to get out the door and get the kids pictures.

Our lion. He refused to put the head on - even for one picture, but I was just glad he wore the outfit at all. Gotta love how kids will teach you to lighten up. Luckily, I prepared myself for him not wanting to wear his whole costume. It drove me crazy and I wanted him to wear it so bad. But rather than fight with him over it and have a meltdown, we had half a lion. I should also mention that his paws (that are mitten things) are soaking wet because when he was in the backyard he put them in the dog water to stamp them on the ground and make paw prints. 

Our watermelon.

Her hat didn't last long either.

Cousin Tripp was a cow. Last year he was just home from the hospital so this was kind of like his first Halloween. Isn't he the cutest cow you've ever seen?!

Wyatt completely has trick or treating down. He was very polite and said thank you at every house. 

Miss priss sat in the wagon that Tripp pushed and Wyatt pulled. Little Tripp has been walking for forever. I keep telling him to teach his cousin.

How cute is this?! Tripp was running to keep up with Wyatt and the wagon and his cute little cowtail kept swinging back and forth. It was precious.

Blurry picture, but I just love this memory. Kenley is digging the dumdum while being pulled around. 

Sweet Wyatt woke up from nap this day so sad that he wasn't feeling well. He was soooo sad. I told him not to worry that he was going to get to go trick or treating and he hung in there for almost the whole night. On the way home he was not feeling good and just wanted to sit. Poor guy. He ended up being sick the entire next day. I finally took him to the doctor the next day and he had strep. :(

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Wyatt is already asking when it will be Halloween again.

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