Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas Lights

Growing up one of my favorite things about Christmas time were the lights. Every year my dad did an amazing job putting lights on our house. He has since retired from decorating his house and so he handed down some of the lights he had and let the rookies give it a try. I'd say we didn't do too bad for our first year of lights.

Grammy was involved in this 8 ft snow globe so you know there's going to be a story to go along with it. My mom has been frequenting Frisco Resale looking for crafty things to fix up. She went again yesterday and apparently this snow globe was there and Wyatt LOVES these blow up things. It hadn't been priced yet and so they sold it to her for a $1! Can you believe that?! So long story short after blowing it up to test it out, the "snow" going EVERYWHERE because of the 2 holes, a little clear duct tape and stitching and....

Wyatt was so excited and as Chris and my mom set it up he was running all over the place in the drizzly rain in his jammies. We had to put out tree upstairs this year because it wouldn't fit downstairs and at first I was sad about that but I think I actually like it up there. You can see it when you walk in the front door at the top of the stairs.

All I wanted was a smile, but Wyatt wasn't havin' it but he at least stood still for a few seconds.

Then he ran and said he wanted his picture with Frosty.

Thomas likes to play in the lights of course.

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