Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas in the Square

We are completely loving all the Christmas fun this year. Wyatt is at the perfect age to enjoy it all. Friday night we met my mom, Papa (my grandfather), and the Mikulas' at the Square. I'm from Frisco and when we moved here (when I was going in to 4th grade) we never could have imagined that one day all of this would be on Main Street.

There was an outdoor skating rink and Wyatt loves watching ice skaters. We watch them at the mall, too.

I'm such a rule follower, but lucky for Wyatt Grammy is not so much. She let him stand on the ice and touch it. Might be why she's his "buddy."

Wyatt was soooo excited to get to hang out with Aidan. I love how happy they look in this picture.

First stop once we started walking around was the little popcorn place (I LOVE popcorn). Wyatt and I shared Oreo white chocolate popcorn. Grammy had chocolate covered. Perfect.
Then the boys bounced and bounced in this bounce house we found. I was glad to have them contained so all the adults could chat for a while.

Then there were some games. The man running the basketball game kept helping Wyatt by picking him up and letting him get a basket (yes, he asked me first and yes, I let the stranger pick Wyatt up). Aidan always amazes me. He throws the ball up there so well and can make it.

Mommy, Wyatt, and Grammy went on a train ride.

I'm totally planning on adding this to our list of traditions.

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