Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Game Night

Tonight we had family game night and it was so much fun! Wyatt is at the age where he can play real games and he was super excited to get started. We had Christmas music playing in the background which made it that much better (for me, at least).

Daddy and Wyatt ready to play the fishing game. Ignore the scrap pieces of wood that are waiting to be taken to the garage.

Even Miss Kenley was up for some game night. Look at her sitting up in the Bumbo. I just had to keep my hand behind her head, but she holds herself up enough not to fall forward (well and the great shape of the Bumbo).

Daddy teaching Wyatt. He got the hang of it and he was on his own catching fish like a champ!

She made it through half of game night... not bad.

A little Cars Bingo to finish off the night.

Wyatt won (fair and square... this family doesn't LET anyone win)! :)

Mommy and Daddy had a little competition going on with the fishing game and Chris has finally found his game that he can beat me at. I couldn't beat him a single round (yes! there were several).

Hopefully, Santa will bring more games for us to play on our family game nights.

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