Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas at Northpark

My mom and I planned a day of fun at Northpark Mall since we had never been to see the trains and Wyatt is way into trains right now. First, we went to Storytime with Santa. He was a good storyteller.

On our way to find the trains we ran into this group of kiddos dancing to hip-hoppy Christmas carols and we stopped to watch. Wyatt loved watching them and so did we.

Kenley got hungry so she had a little snack and my mom was super excited to feed her because she never gets to.

Finally, we made it to the trains. Wyatt was in awe and completely in a boy zone in the trains room. This translates to running from one spot to the next, begging to touch them over and over again, and having an all out meltdown about having to leave. Yes, on the floor crying, pouting... complete meltdown. Oh my! But he really did LOVE it and has talked about it 3,826 times since so it was well worth it. And since we've been working on our "almost-3-year-old-behavior" lately I guess this was to be expected at a place like this.

Look! The State Fair... It was my favorite part and so cute. It even had little rides that were moving.

We found Thomas! This little guy was starstruck. He went back to Thomas half a dozen times. And yes, during the meltdown I was thinking I should never have showed him Thomas. ;)

We have a train table and trains at our house that Santa brought last year, but they aren't Thomas because Wyatt wasn't in to Thomas last year. My mom has Thomas and his friends and tracks at her house. Wyatt loves all trains and will play with all of them, but it's always a really big deal to go to Grammy's and play with those. He will play Thomas for hours! And Thomas (THE Thomas... he knows which are which) comes home with us every time then we bring him back every time. Thomas is in bed next to Wyatt right now.
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