Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yay for Summer...

We love summers! I love getting to spend the whole day with Mr. Wyatt. We have been busy. We get to see all our morning baby boot camp friends in the summer and it's also really nice for Mommy's workouts to be done early. Yesterday we went to a splash area and out to lunch with Chancy and Cooper. Here are some pictures. Wyatt LOVES water and being outside.

Bye Bye Binkie Update: Our baby is a big boy and we are so proud of him. We have not had a single problem getting rid of the binkie. He used to ask for it when he woke up, but now I've noticed he points to other things and asks for them. The first morning it was a cookie monster stuffed animal. He also likes to take his school nap blanket to nap with him. It's funny, because he doesn't want it at night.


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