Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today was Wyatt's 1st day of gymnastics. It was very exciting! And very much a workout for Mommy! I think he was the youngest kiddo, but I really wanted to start in the Summer. He didn't quite understand that we have to wait our turn and do the stations in order, but I helped him and I think he will get it figured out after a few lessons. I thought that maybe it was too early to start, but I'm not sure how he will learn to wait and go in order if he's not in the class so we will see how it goes. All the pictures are from the end of class, because I was way too busy being Coach Mommy to snap any pictures. :) The kids started out jumping on the trampolines. Wyatt was scared and wanted to cling to me. That is not like him at all. Once he got comfortable he ran across it and would run until he fell. He doesn't get the jumping part yet. Oh and he also wanted to run across to other kid's trampolines, which made it extra fun chasing him. Then we moved on to stretching and stations. Some of the things Wyatt did very well were: going down the slide, running the "races" (all the kids would run to Coach Chris and he had a blast running back and forth), climbing around in the pit, hanging on the bar, and waving and saying "hi" to all his new friends. We are looking forward the next class (in 2 weeks because I am working next week).
Coach Chris gave them stamps on their hands and feet and a paper that says what they did well at with a sticker (Wyatt got his sticker for hanging on the bars).
Waiting like a big boy for his sticker.

This is the bar Wyatt did a great job hanging from. I tried to get him to sit next to it for the picture. He was ready to play some more.


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