Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This post is for Bunny (Chris's mom, Sue). Chris was talking to her tonight and I asked if she had been checking the blog. She said she had and that we weren't posting enough. So, I guess I better get on the ball. Hopefully, Bunny can come visit Texas soon.

Last Thursday, my friend, Nancy, and I took the kids to the beach club after boot camp. It is so much fun. It's a beach-pool so there is sand all around it and then you walk into the pool just like a shore without the jellyfish and seaweed. :) Wyatt loves it for 2 reasons: 1. He can walk by himself in the water because it's shallow enough at first. 2. There is a big splash pad with a turtle slide next to the beach-pool. Will brought lunch to share with Wyatt. He also brought Wyatt his first Slurpee... oh my (notice that he's not letting go of that cup of sugar).

Thursday night I made play dough and we had family play dough night. It sure is fun getting to be a kid again! Wyatt picked purple/grape to play with.

Daddy picked blue.

We were sitting in the backyard Friday evening and we heard the ice cream man. This was the first time we've heard him, and Chris was super excited so we all went out front to see if he'd come by. Chris and Wyatt walked up and down the street waiting.

Yup, he came down our street...

Daddy got some strawberry thing and Wyatt got the old
faithful character with gumball eyes. Chris noted that ice cream man prices have gone up.


Grammy and Grampy (my mom and step-dad) got new patio furniture (because we took their "old" set). The new furniture has a fire pit and I have been soooo excited to have a smores campfire night. My mom got all the stuff and Saturday was family campfire night at Grammy and Grampy's. While we got the fire going, Wyatt played with his mud pie maker water table with Grammy. Bones got a drink, too.

Papa and Wyatt waiting for smores.

Wyatt loved the campfire!

Daddy and Wyatt sharing a marshmallow.

Sunday, Aunt Jessie (Chris's sister) and her fiance, Gene, came to visit. We all went swimming and had dinner at Pap and Lori's house. Wyatt had a blast in the water, of course. We swam all afternoon. He didn't even get out of the water for a snack. Lori brought it poolside for him. :) I forgot to take pictures Sunday. :( I guess Aunt Jessie needs to come back soon.

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Sue said...

See this is why you're my favorite.
I love your blog.
Good pics.
We hope to visit soon.
Love Y'all
Mom,Sue,aka Bunny