Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bye Bye Binkie Day 1

I've been told that you should get rid of binkies before 18 months. Wyatt turned 17 months June 9th and my summer officially started. So, what better time to start the "Bye Bye Binkie" excitement. All in all I am very proud of Wyatt. Our game plan was pretty simple: hide all the binkies we can find and do NOT say the "B" word! The toughest times for Wyatt were in the car. Other than that, he did pretty good. However, I now know the power of the binkie. Apparently it helped him sit still for at least a little while because without it there is no stopping him. He went 90 miles per hour all night until we put him to bed.
Here's a picture in the car. :( Very sad! I can't tell you how many times I want to get the back-up binkie out of my purse and abort this mission completely.

Luckily, we had things to buid at Grammy's to keep us busy. Wyatt was a big helper!

Notice, that it is now dark and Wyatt is just getting to play with the new toy. Why must there be a million pieces to every toy?! He loved it and a bath was soon after.

Bring it on "Bye Bye Binkie Day 2!"


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