Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wyatt got presents!

I got home late tonight since I worked late and then went out to dinner with Ashley. Chris was already in bed, because he has the stomach flu. So does my mom. I definitely don't want any of that... they both sounded and looked like they were dying. I think they are getting better now.

When I walked in the door there were 2 boxes in the living room. Of course, I had to look. I'm sure Chris has, too. Sue got Wyatt the Chicco pack and play that we (me, Chris, AND Wyatt) wanted that matches the stroller my grandparents got. I love it! I haven't opened it, but I've seen it in the store. These things are way cooler than what I remember. It's a play pen, changer, and even has a mobile with animals on top. And there's a remote control with it. Not even sure what that does yet. I can't wait to open it, but I guess I can wait for Chris to do that part. (It's late, so I haven't called you yet, Sue. I hope you aren't reading this today.)

Then the other box had 2 more presents. Madison and Mackenzie got Wyatt a wipe warmer, which I'm sure he will be glad we have. And a shopping cart seat. I think those are so neat. Especially with how dirty those carts get. It's blue and has stripes. So fun!

This week has gone by pretty fast. No doctor's appointment. Wyatt has been moving around a lot. My belly is huge and I have a feeling it's getting bigger as I type! I'm tired of working because I'm tired of finding work clothes to wear. This is the drama of every morning. My kids at school are ready for the break and so am I. Yesterday, we did a chemistry lab and used the sinks a lot. Well, apparently there's a clog or blockage (whatever) in the pipes that go to the sewer for the science lab, which is my room by the way. As the day went on there was this smell that got worse and worse and worse. Remember, I can smell a skunk from 5 miles away right now. We searched for the smell. Then we noticed that the emergency shower drains had puddles of water (sewer water) coming up from them. Today, the maintenance guys have been in my room all day. It does smell a lot better, but it's not fixed yet. Roto-rooter is coming out tomorrow. Geeez! What a week. My principal did offer to let me use another room, but if you've ever taught you know that it's almost better to smell a little stink that deal with all that (and the smell was better today).

Okay, that's almost enough rambling for tonight. I should be in bed. One more thing. If you know me well at all, you know I LOVE Britney Spears. I've been a loyal fan throughout all her "bumps" (let's just go with that) in the road. Anyways, I am pretty sure that my first outing after being a mommy will have to be to her concert that she's doing. :) Yup, pretty sure!!! Anyone wanna go?


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